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​15+ Tips When Your Boyfriend Ignores You - Get His Attention Back

calendarApril 12, 2017

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss what is to be done when your boyfriend ignores you. The majority of the females at present complain that they are being ignored by their boyfriends, at some point during their romantic affair. Although they don't like to say so, it becomes impossible for them to hide their feelings, mainly because of the humiliation that they have to face. It is natural for you to feel rather dubious and turned down when you are ignored by your sweetheart.

Usually, nothing weird happens in most of the cases. If you begin to wonder why your partner is behaving in such a way, it is imperative to comprehend what is actually the reason behind it, so that you're able to take the required actions to get him back.

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After several years of courting each other, the majority of couples begin to feel very comfortable with each other. As a matter of fact, the guy is so confident about his partner's affection for him that he does not feel like making any extra efforts to please her.

If you do not take any action after he starts ignoring you, and you simply accept this behavior from your crush, then he will go on treating you in the same way. He will do it on a regular basis, even though you might get annoyed with him, since he knows you will be hanging around until he eventually returns.

It is the responsibility of the female partner to stop this kind of attitude, otherwise a man will never rectify himself. If questions such as "why is he ignoring me?" and "how to make your boyfriend mad?" are lurking in your mind, then go through the following paragraphs to get some important tips on what to do if a man ignores you.

1. Ask him whether you two can speak

There is no use to remain silent at this stage, since you could end up losing him eventually. Consequently, try to break the silence but take care not to be too annoyed when conversing with him. (Although it is quite natural for you to become aggravated because of his lack of interest towards you). Just ask him to talk frankly with you, and tell him to "stop ignoring me" and then hope for the best.

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2. Never accuse your partner

It will be folly on your part to accuse him, since it will only make him more resentful and upset, especially after fight between you. This will not help to enhance your relationship in any way. Therefore, instead of using statements like "you are really neglecting me" or "you keep ignoring me," which can make the situation worse, try to play the waiting game and be patient.

3. Never yell at him or interrupt him during a conversation

In most instances, female partners fail to maintain their patience and start shouting at their boyfriends which, in the long run, might lead to a separation. Even though it is difficult to control these emotions, you should try your best to keep cool and let your crush finish his dialogue before answering him.

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4. Ask him the cause of his ignoring you

In case you are wondering "why my boyfriend is mad at me" or "why my texts are not fascinating him anymore" or “why he doesn't text you,” it is essential to understand the reason why he is behaving in this way toward you. Maybe he is mad due to some particular action by you. However, there is no use guessing the reason yourself. You should just ask him about his silent treatment. It is definitely a difficult question, but one which should make matters easier for you.

Try to make him understand your feelings when he is neglecting you, but it is imperative for you to keep your cool. You're a human and it is natural for you to become emotional while conversing with somebody who is making you feel depressed. Try to express your feelings as briefly as possible and explain how he should have behaved with you. Try to make him realize that things could be solved more easily and quickly with proper communication.

5. Do not try to attack and counterattack

Sometimes your boyfriend might not be able to comprehend what you have actually said, and you might have to face a lot of allegations. This will not help your cause in any way. Consequently, allow your partner to finish his conversation and then express your thoughts to him. You might question him politely, if you want to know something important, but do not accuse him following his dialogue.

Furthermore, your crush should be allowed to explain his statement, in order to avoid any further dilemma, possibly making your relationship more bitter.

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6. Ignore his attitude

The best thing that you can do is to just overlook his behavior. It does not imply that you should overlook him, but there is no need to show any type of reaction to his misbehavior. Instead, try to think of yourself as paying heed to what you should tell him, in order to get him to clarify why he is behaving so badly toward you. Avoid going near him if you do feel neglected. Instead, try to have a good time with your close friends and family members, who will definitely behave nicely with you.

When your boyfriend finds that you're not responding to his behavior, he should modify his attitude. He might even give more importance to you and pay attention to you. It is quite simple to comprehend. Your lack of interest in reacting to him will show him that you no longer have feelings for him, which will cause him to try his best to win you back.

7. Do not give him top priority

There is no point in pushing your boyfriend if he starts ignoring you. If you start complaining about his negligence, it will only repel him from you. Instead, try to keep some distance from him and he will soon start believing that you do not give him top priority anymore. As a result, he will be inspired to try his best to attract you.

8. Try to stay as romantic as before

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Staying romantic will help you to get your man back. By being alluring, you'll be able to keep the fire burning. This means you will need to be innovative. Sticking to a particular schedule will not help either of you to enjoy your lives, and it might steal the pleasure of each other's intimate company. In the middle of your day-to-day chores, it may feel as though you are working hard to maintain your relationship, which might sap a lot of energy from you. Your lifestyle should not reign over your bedroom activities.

You might consider seducing your boyfriend who is ignoring you. This could prove to be quite fruitful in restoring your estranged relationship. You might have overlooked a specific request from him about having sex, so you might ask him now, which will cause him to become elated. It is very important for both of you to have sex during your affair because it will help to make the bond much stronger.

9. Speak to your close friends and relatives about his lack of interest

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Make it a point to inform your near and dear ones about your boyfriend's attitude, as they might even be able to mend your relationship. If this does not yield any positive results, then try to contact a specialist to get outside help regarding this matter. You may need to spend some money for this, but you should not hesitate at all.

10. Try to be his perfect girlfriend by modifying yourself

There is no doubt about the fact that your boyfriend would definitely regain his interest in you if you modify yourself and become his perfect girlfriend. You must be able to provide him with all his requirements to please him. He will surely be encouraged to behave with you in exactly the way which, in the long run, will help to boost your relationship.

Make your best efforts to put on the nicest outfit, instead of wearing shabby clothes. This should remind him of your beauty and attractiveness that he was used to before.

11. Do not let him to know your next move

It is essential for you not to allow him to know your next action. You must also enjoy your life in a healthy and pleasurable way. As soon as he realizes that you do not care about him ignoring you, he will definitely feel the urge to come back to you and love you like before.

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It is a natural instinct among males not to desire something that is easily available to them, so you must not allow him to know that you're still waiting for him. Instead, show him that you do not care about his nonchalance and you're enjoying yourself independently. This will definitely make him feel your absence at some point.

12. Do not complain to his friends or relatives

You might be feeling the temptation to complain to his relatives or close friends about his attitude towards you. Your main objective might be to find out the reason for his neglect, but you must not do that. He might have already informed his friends and family about the matter and any complaint from you like, "you are feeling neglected by boyfriend" or "he won't talk to me," might make him feel humiliated, as well as harassed in front of his near and dear ones.

13. Temporarily stop getting in touch with him

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Do not try to get in touch with him for the moment, since he is neglecting you right now. Moreover, he might think you are quite desperate if you continue to contact him on a regular basis. This will not help you to revive his affection for you. It might even make him so frustrated that he changes his mobile number! You definitely don’t want that to happen.

As a matter of fact, he will start wondering about your whereabouts and your activities, as soon as you cease to contact him. As a result, he will probably respond to your phone call the next time. This will help you accomplish your objective of winning back your crush once again.

14. Try to look your best

If the question "how to get your boyfriend to talk to you" is arising in your mind, you might stick to this particular guideline. During this stage, when he doesn't text back and when you are being ignored by your sweetheart, utilize the time to look more attractive. Try to recall whether you began to take things for granted with your crush in the last few months of your affair with him. You might have worn the best possible outfit whenever you went out with him for a date and provided him with your company, ignoring your essential jobs at hand.

Will you be delighted by a brand-new haircut or a hot pair of jeans? Should you join the gym in order to maintain your physic and stay fit? It is advisable for you to do some innovative things, given that you have time on your hands.

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You will feel much better and the very thought of your boyfriend ignoring you won’t bother you as much. Try to mingle with individuals in your area and appear your best, such that your friends and relatives are able to observe you. They might tell your boyfriend about your activities and this might make him mad, thinking that you're having a nice time, even without him by your side.

15. Do not use dirty tricks

It is unwise to consider winning your boyfriend back by applying dirty tricks or techniques. This would prove to be detrimental over time and won't help to solve any problems for you. It would be smarter to have a sound plan in your mind that will help you understand the reasons for his behavior and show him that you can revive his passion for you.

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No one likes to be ignored at any stage of his or her life. Below we have mentioned 3 famous quotes that can be used if you are feeling neglected by your boyfriend. The quotes are as follows:

  • “Being ignored is better than hurting.”
  • “Being ignored; worst feeling ever.”
  • “Loneliness is better than being ignored.”

Find some tips about when your boyfriend ignores you in this video:

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