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15+ Hints What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You - It Is Not Secret Anymore

calendarApril 04, 2017

In this post, we will talk about what does it mean when a guy stares at you. The majority of men find it almost impossible to stop looking at females whenever they come across them. It is actually the inherent nature of guys all over the world. They make their best efforts to find out something attractive within the females who happen to walk past them. This is due to the fact that the physical appearance of a particular woman draws the attention of any man more than her inside qualities.

We all know that men are interested in the attractive parts of a woman's body, and when boys stare at girls analyzing these aspects, it is actually called staring. But how to tell if a guy is checking you out? Being a woman, you won’t find it difficult to figure out whether a guy is staring at you. Here are the top 16 reasons why men stare at women.

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1. Although he fancies speaking to you, he does not have any clue

In some cases, men tend to be rather shy in their attitude and find it quite difficult to talk to any woman. Therefore, another alternative will be to gaze at her. In his mind, he intends to know about you in detail since he has found you to be extremely beautiful.

If you ever find a man staring at you, then it might be because he has become extremely nervous and could not find a way to commence a dialogue with you. As a result, he might simply stare at you thinking about what to do next, which might be enough to make you feel really uncomfortable. Perhaps, he's thinking that you are the best woman he has ever seen in his life and desperately wants to meet you.

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Maybe he's thinking of asking you some questions without causing you any disturbance. Although he is looking at you, his mind must be racing about what must be done next. Maybe he wants you to make the initial move, and that should make everything easy for him. Above all, he is probably stupefied by your elegance and is at a loss for words. He is unable to either think or speak properly.

2. He wants to make you angry

Maybe you are thinking “the way he looks at me is making me feel irritated.” It might happen that you have rejected any offer given to you by one of your local male companions which must have enraged him significantly. As a result, he's desperate for vengeance and wants to make you feel awful for rejecting him. He must be staring at you to upset your confidence and also make you feel annoyed. But this will simply prove that his behavior is rather stupid.

It is his strategy to grab your attention so that you lose your temper. The best thing is not to pay attention to him particularly if he happens to be one of those local goons in your area.

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If you ignore him completely he will not be able to achieve his goal and will eventually stop disturbing you. Just don't stare at his eyes and continue with your other activities. In case you feel frustrated when a guy looks you up and down, you can share your emotions with your close buddies who can let the guy know that he is causing you trouble.

3. He desires to have physical relationship with you

Some men are real perverts and we are all aware of this fact. In case a guy is staring at your body instead of your face, it might prove that he is perhaps dreaming of sleeping with you. Staring might be the easiest way to attract the attention of a female and he does not want to know anything else regarding you.

When a guy keeps looking at you for a considerable period of time, you will feel quite frustrated and you can only hope that he doesn't do this for too long. It won't be surprising if he becomes desperate and proposes you something you dislike.

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4. Appreciating your breasts

There is something mysterious about men’s interest in the boobs of the females, but they are something that have captivated the minds of the touchy feely guys for many centuries. While certain guys prefer large boobs, there are many who are satisfied by their mere presence.

Women are at a loss when it comes to what to exactly do with those, but they definitely want to please their men with big boobs. In case a man is staring at you, it might be because he is fascinated by your breasts. Like many women who often glance at the male organ, the same can be said about men looking at women's boobs. Although you might not have very large bosoms, they surely can make a man feel horny.

5. Praising your hair

Perhaps you are thinking, “Why is this guy staring at me?” It may be because he is attracted to your shiny and stylish hair. Nearly every man loves women that possess long and silky hair. Hair helps the females enhance their sex appeal. Any type of hair, as long as it matches the face of a lady, will have a great effect in the minds of the menfolk. It hardly matters whether it is a short, curly, straight or long hair.

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6. Got turned on by your feet

In most cases, the feet are not regarded so much as an important part of a woman's body when it comes to attracting men. Nevertheless, a lot of guys find the feet of girls quite sexy. A woman in high heels or sporting footwear with vibrant colors will surely enchant a guy. Men also adore women with much smaller feet compared to the feet of the men.

7. Watching your back

Probably, in comparison to the feet, a woman's back is a less fetishized part of her body. Men get wild when they see curved and sexy backs of females in magazines and photoshoots. You will be able to catch most guys simply by stretching and arching your back. In case you have a tattoo on your back, you are sure to drive him crazy. Tattoos, particularly near the shoulders, have gained immense popularity in this modern times.

8. Praising your full, red lips

Women that have a good pedigree tend to have big, full, red lips. Full lips usually imply that the jaws of a female have developed properly without any misalignment. That always indicates a sound health. It does not necessarily mean that females that possess a perfect bite as well as perfect teeth are often endowed with full lips. But what about the redness? Why do men find red lips sexy?

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By applying a red lipstick, a woman will unintentionally help to arouse sexual instincts in a lot of guys. Thus, men always have an affinity for red lips and can't help staring at women that have such features. When a guy is gazing at you, he might want to have sexual intimacy with you mainly due to your big, full, red lips. Therefore, you ought to be more careful next time you go out shopping applying a red lipstick. In case a man stares at you, you have no reason to complain.

9. Maybe he finds you playful

Men do not prefer serious women because it makes them appear less seductive. Instead, a flirty and playful woman who does not bother regarding risking her repute will attract lots of guys. Here, one must not confuse a playful woman with a childish one. A playful woman is not necessarily silly or childish. As a matter of fact, it has been found that playful females often tend to be more mature, love life and like to enjoy it to the fullest.

10. Perhaps, he is admiring your dress

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It is a proven fact that both men and women get turned on by a stylish outfit worn by their opposite sex. After appearance, dress comes next when it comes to attracting men. Wearing a good outfit is not difficult; you simply need to have a great sense of fashion. It is not something like cosmetic surgery, which you cannot change.

A guy staring at you might find your costume to be very trendy and stylish. Moreover, he is also appreciating your confidence that has enhanced drastically by the clothing you are putting on. You might be sporting an outfit that fit with your curves perfectly and the guy just can't take his eyes off it. If you are also using some perfume, then the guy must be overwhelmed by your elegance.

11. Perhaps, it’s your irresistible voice

Maybe it’s your seductive voice that has made the man mad. In fact, a sexy female voice can make a guy horny and probably you have been able to master the art of talking in an alluring tone. The majority of the females yell or scream loudly when they are taken by surprise or when they feel elated. However, that’s not something that can raise the hair on the back of a man. Instead, he gets turned on by a soft and low voice. Maybe your talent has made the guy flirty and he can’t resist staring at you.

12. Perhaps, you are acknowledging his stare

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This is probably the initial step in the process of seduction. A woman should be able to acknowledge the stares of the men. Most of the guys have the courage to approach you directly, but for those who haven’t, you must allow them to do so by accepting their stares. Perhaps, the guy is trying to give you a rather manly stare; in that case, you should also react by staring at him.

There is no need to grin (though you might even do so), but it is sufficient to simply acknowledge their stares at you. While you must not do this with every single guy, doing it with a decent man is ok.

13. He finds your way of talking very interesting

Perhaps, it’s your speech that has attracted him. Although your appearance has lured him, he might have found your speech simply irresistible. In fact, a lot can be known about a female from the way she speaks. If she speaks in a clear and succinct tone, it might make a guy spend a considerable period of time just listening to her.

Perhaps, your speech comes with an accent that has made him insane. Women that have a foreign accent are desired by men all over the world. So when a guy smiles at you and gazes at you, it might be that your way of talking has provoked him.

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14. Maybe it’s your poise

It’s probably one significant reason why your crush stares at you. It is amongst the first things that a guy finds interesting in a lady. He might get overwhelmed by your stature and the manner in which you have presented yourself in front of him. Ladies that have great self-confidence have been able to attract numerous guys across the globe and you maybe one of those assured women who believe in themselves.

In fact, self-confidence is essential for anyone to achieve any goal in his or her life and he or she can make everything possible.

15. Probably he likes your boyish attitude

It is rather surprising that certain men find females who are not so “girly” to be rather attractive. Maybe you are pondering what is so special about a woman; the immediate answer will be her feminine charms. Men love ladies that are soft and caring both externally as well as internally, just like females who adore strong and muscular men.

Nevertheless, on some occasions a girl will look rather boyish by discarding all of her feminine appeals. She might fancy putting on baggy trousers just to be comfortable as well as sexy, sit with her legs crossed and mingle with the boys in her locality. Some men love this attitude but not always.

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16. He thinks that you are dominant

By birth, women tend to be weaker than the men and are usually dominated by them. However, there are exceptions and some guys will adore women who like to dominate others in all spheres of life. Men usually receive all the attention as we have seen in the past, but there are also a few women who deserve special mention.

But what exactly do guys find attractive in dominant ladies. It’s their take-charge attitude that fascinates the guys. Probably, you happen to fall in these categories of ladies who are really independent and can handle everything on their own.

Find some tips about what does it mean when a guy stares at you in this video:

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