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25+ Types Of Hugs And Their Importance - What Do They Say About You?

calendarMay 15, 2017

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will talk about various types of hugs. A question might arise in your mind, such as “Why do people hug?”

There are two varieties of hugs, each one indicating a different type of intimacy. The first one is known as the “full body hug” which is usually reserved for the romantic couples. The second type is known as the “light social hug” intended for friends as well as acquaintances.

By hugging, every single couple communicates between themselves in a secret language, which is not possible for anyone else to understand. This language conveys to us lots of things regarding the couple, no matter where they live. There are different types of hugs, as well as hugging positions, which help to deliver a particular message to one’s beloved. Here we have attempted to shed some light on how to hug a girl or how to hug a guy and the significance of each type of hug.

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1. The Tight Squeeze

What does it mean when a guy hugs you tight? It might be that you and your friend have not seen each other for quite some time, which is when you might expect this type of squeeze hug from your buddy. Your grandmother, who might think that it is going to be her last hug, may offer you this type of hug. In fact, you may be squeezed so tightly during these hugs that you might be gasping for breath. These types of hugs usually carry lots of emotional feelings and sentiments behind them.

2. The Long Hold

If you have been hugged in this way, you know that there is a lot of meaning behind this. You can expect to get these long hugs from your spouse or sweetheart after a long and exhausting day. These hugs might say that someone is in need of help, without the utterance of any word. It also implies that the individual really cares for you.

This kind of hug will surely make you feel better, so you can easily comprehend that the other person perceives you as somebody who can make him or her feel better too.

3. Hug From Behind

When you get hugs from behind, you might have a feeling of surprise as well as affection, since they are usually offered by your crush. You will come to know that your mate has a soft spot in his or her mind for you. They have most probably been missing you a lot and are elated to see you once again. This type of hug is definitely an intimate hug that should really excite and surprise you.

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4. The Back Stroke

This sort of hug is usually offered by your buddies rather than your relatives or sweethearts. In most cases, both of you give a little back rub while embracing one another. By offering this hug, you convey your best wishes for the other individual. It is one of the friendliest hugs one can receive that is both meaningful as well as genuine. It has much more significance than an average hug. By getting this hug, you can be sure that the other individual is quite happy to see you.

5. The Straddle Hug

Your friend or crush is going to offer you this particular hug when he or she wants to be more intimate with you. Usually, it is the kind of hug where one individual is in an elevated position and the other person is going to hug him or her while standing between his or her legs. This hug requires lots of candidness and emotional trust. Consequently, this kind of hug usually takes place between couples who are involved romantically.

It is a bit erotic and is something which is practiced in a more private setting.

6. Waist Hug

When you are being hugged around your waist, it may be because the other individual is quite emotional while doing so. In fact, the other person tends to be quite vulnerable with you, since he or she will usually allow your arms to go above his or hers. This type of hug is going to imply that you are being trusted by somebody very deeply and he or she is quite elated to see you. It will also imply that you really care for the individual and want to be frank with each other while conversing.

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7. The Quick Pat

Usually, this particular hug will depict that the two individuals are not comfortable with each other. By hugging you very fast, with simply a pat on your back, the other individual is informing you that he or she is actually hugging you to be polite but might not do so otherwise.

8. The Slow Dance

We call this type of hug a lingering hug. If you have ever hugged somebody and just moved aside far enough to take a look at one another, while your arms are still around the other person, then it is this type of hug. In this case, although you wish to converse with the other person, you don't want to move apart from the person, since you like to be in his or her arms. This sort of hug usually happens when two individuals have gone out on a date and it is extremely emotional as well as intimate.

9. The London Bridge

By receiving this kind of hug, you are going to feel rather awkward, which you do not desire. Here, although you stand far apart, you lean in with the torso in such a way that you just touch him or her while hugging. This would imply that although somebody has no intention of hugging you, he or she is only doing so out of duty. In most cases, this type of hug is offered to your cousin or maybe uncle who is rather gross or dirty. As a matter of fact, it is not an especially kind hug.

10. The Alternating Arms

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It is almost certain that you have previously encountered this kind of hug. Usually while hugging, your arms should either go above or below those of the other individual. Nevertheless, when hugging in this way, one of your arms is going to go above one of the other person’s arms, while the other arm will go below the other arm of the individual.

Being an extremely friendly hug, it will usually imply that your partner is quite content to be in your embrace, yet he or she does not feel that comfortable to be frank with you. Essentially, these hugs usually take place between individuals who are simply performing it as a ritual.

11. The One Arm Hug

Here, somebody will reach one arm in a half-hug around you. In most cases, it will be used while sitting on a couch, next to each other. It may suggest many different things. If it comes from somebody you like, it implies that he or she wishes to hold you close, in order to protect you. However, if it is coming from a friend, it will imply that your friend is offering his or her assistance in case you want it.

12. Buddy Hug

Usually this hug is going to be offered by your girlfriend who knows exactly how do guys like to be hugged. In this case, she's going to wrap her arms around you, prior to patting you on the back. However, there is no need to exult when a girl hugs you in this way, since this might only suggest that she is just a friend of yours.

13. Bear Hug

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If you and your girlfriend are very comfortable and close to each other, you might do virtually anything without becoming self-conscious. She might overlook the fact that her hair or dress is getting messed up by this hug, and she will hug you back very tightly and in an enthusiastic manner. It shows that she really missed you and feels elated to see you once again. However, the bad news is that this is actually a friend hug from her.

14. Sleepy Shoulder Hug

You can't expect any girl to offer you this particular hug, unless she feels safe in your company. She's going to wrap her arms around you, while resting her head on your shoulders. You are fortunate if you have recently met her, since she feels comfortable being with you. Furthermore, you can consider yourself lucky if you have been missing her for quite a while. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this particular hug.

It might also imply that she simply wants to lean on your shoulder for a while and nothing more.

15. Squeezing Hug

It is quite easy to decode this kind of hug. When a girl hugs you using her arms, while smiling passionately, then you might also expect a second hug after some time. Although it might not be a romantic and passionate hug, you can always hope for a better result in the future. Both of you can have a great time, later on, with pictures of you hugging each other.

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16. One-Side Hug

In all likelihood, this hug is the most uncomfortable type of hug. It happens when she is hugged by you and, although she allows you to do so, her arms are actually sagging at her sides, while her body remains stiff. If you receive this kind of hug after your first date, then you should give up the idea of going on a second date with her.

17. Snuggly Hug

This particular hug is more than just a cuddle. It usually happens when a girl embraces you and feels rather comfortable and safe in your company. In most cases, it takes place when both of you are sitting beside each other, whether at a movie, on the couch or anywhere else. The girl will give you this hug meaning that she has an affinity for you and you should look for other indications which will imply that she truly loves you.

18. Lingering Hug

While hugging in this way, your girlfriend is going to wrap her arms around you, while putting her hand on your back. Usually such hugs are going to last for a bit more than the standard hugging time, which is often the approach taken by her to show that she has fallen for you. In case you want to be certain, look for other signals, like a neck hug from her.

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19. Side-By-Side Hug

Being quite similar to a Snuggly Hug, this particular type is considered to be one of the sweetest hugs that can be provided by a woman. While doing so, she is going to wrap her arm around you, maybe around your waist. This implies that she prefers to be with you since she enjoys your company and feels safe. In this way, she can convey to other people that you are the man for her.

20. Gotta Go, Quickie Hug

You might wonder how to hug your boyfriend when you are in a hurry and this type of hug is ideal in that situation. When offering this hug, you are going to convey the fact that although you want to meet him, you are in a rush to go somewhere else. Besides this, it might also imply that you might not be in a hurry but simply wants to hug him just for the sake of doing so.

You might try to move towards him, touch his shoulders while avoiding any eye contact with him and pretend to be in a rush at the same time. You don’t want to be rude, just want to offer him a quick hug.

21. Polite Hug

This type of hug usually occurs just for the sake of etiquette. Here, the lady might act like she wants to embrace you, yet does not want to touch you while doing so. In reality, it could be a bit offensive. If you are offered this kind of hug, it might suggest that the girl is not interested in you and does not want to go out on a second date with you.

22. Passionate Hug

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This sort of romantic hug will not occur between two individuals who are not involved in a passionate affair. Although it usually communicates romantic desire, sometimes it might also be a bit sentimental. She is going to retreat rather slowly, with her hands resting on you and her eyes fixed on yours. You will not be able to forget this hug for quite some time.

23. Twirls You Around

In this case, your man will usually lift you up and whirl you around while hugging you tightly, which will definitely indicate that, apart from loving you, he also feels quite comfortable and confident in your company.

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24. Holds You Tight

If it ever happens to you, do not attempt to avoid the embrace, rather try to enjoy it. Your man does not want you to leave him. Instead, he wants to provide you with strength and warmth.

25. Looks Into Your Eyes

It is one of the best hugs that you can get from your guy. If your man is looking at your eyes directly while hugging you, it might imply that he is simply bowled over by you.

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Below we wrote some great hug quotes:

“I embraced you...long before I hugged you.”
“Sometimes you just want to hug someone and drown.”
“I don’t need therapy, I need a hug.”
“Sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words.”

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