Top 4 Twin Baby Carrier Reviews
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Top 4 Twin Baby Carrier Reviews

calendarMarch 11, 2017

Twin baby carrier is a double happiness. The moment when you conclusively discovered that you were expectant with twins, you probably experienced a strong rush of excitement, which was perhaps mingled with some element of fear. For some considerable period of time, you most likely believed, you would eventually become a parent of a single child. But now that you have ascertained that you will hopefully give birth to twins, you are facing a double set of what if dilemmas.

Of course, you will now have to purchase 2 different sets of all the must have baby products and accessories your twin babies cannot do without. This naturally includes 2 cribs, 2 car seats, 2 layette sets and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, it takes the necessary time and effort to choose properly, you will most certainly require only a single baby carrier. This is particularly true when it comes to dealing with the first few months after you give birth to your twin babies.

Tandem babywearing, as this practice is now labeled, does in fact present a wide variety of value added benefits, which you as a responsible parent cannot afford to overlook. These given advantages transcend to important factors that can guarantee the overall health and wellbeing of your twin babies. As well as enabling you to gain effective control of the usual chaos of everyday parenting.

Well, let us now take a much closer look at the most notable benefits of tandem babywearing. And in extension why it is necessary to pick the right front facing baby carrier for your twin babies.

Tandem babywearing can facilitate for the much-needed skin to skin contact with your twin babies:

According to well-researched statistics from BabyCenter, the ordinary twin baby in most occasions happens to be about 2 lbs smaller than an ordinary full-term single baby. Generally speaking, an important issue you need to always bear in mind is that with smaller babies, been in a position of efficiently regulating their body temperatures can be extremely challenging. But fortunately, this is where tandem babywearing comes to the rescue.

With a twin baby carrier, you will be in a better position of making sure you can regulate your twin babies’ body temperatures as is expected through skin-to-skin contact. This in turn, permits them to be able to breathe much better, and more to the point, gain weight in a much faster fashion. On the other hand, this skin-to-skin contact with your twin babies can permit them to bond with you and your partner in a rapid way. This, in the long run, will also fast-track their physical and mental growth and development as well.

Tandem babywearing enables you to get your twin babies to fall asleep on the same schedule:

Establishing a well regulated sleeping routine for all babies, even those that were born alone, is a very daunting affair, as most experienced parents can appreciate. With twins, the usual effort becomes double and can frankly drive even the most patient and persevering parents literally out of their minds. However, when you make the smart decision to have recourse to tandem babywearing, you can be able to put both your babies to sleep at the same time. Mind you, you will be able to do this in a completely hassle-free and highly convenient manner.

Tandem babywearing can facilitate for convenient tandem nursing of your twin babies:

Being able to efficiently nurse twin babies is definitely an extremely troublesome affair. Nevertheless, the very finest double baby sling products can come in handy in such given circumstances. Tandem nursing (being able to breastfeed twin babies at the same time) can be possible with the assistance of these innovative baby carriers. The best of which allow you to hold one or even both of your twin babies and breastfeed them simultaneously.

Tandem babywearing can facilitate for hands-free twin baby caring:

Giving birth to twin babies normally equates to your hands being very busy, particularly when you take the necessary time to contrast it with parenting just a single child. Yet, with the help of tandem babywearing, both your hands will be free at all times to do virtually anything you wish, without your babies in any way getting in the way. This includes performing pressing household chores, running errands, shopping or even replenishing your energy by taking a meal at the appropriate time.

Tandem babywearing can be a very cost-effective solution for properly caring for your twin babies:

Finally, the overall expenses you will have to foot to raise and care for your twin babies can be high. Like, it was earlier mentioned, you will stand in need of a double set of nearly everything that can make the lives of your babies comfortable and secure. Still, by trying out tandem babywearing, you will fortunately only require a single suitable baby carrier. A baby carrier which you can conveniently utilize to carry both your babies at the same time, whenever you wish to do so. This naturally goes a long way in enabling you to realize significant savings on this particular end of caring for your twin babies.

Well, now that we have taken a comprehensive look at the benefits tandem babywearing, let us without further ado commence these twin baby carrier reviews. This will enable us to completely identify the finest varieties of these products, which are currently to be found in the market.

10 Best Twin Baby Carriers in 2017
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10 of 10
2.40 lbs
Free shiping
Nature materials, ergonomic, comfortable
Quite expensive, not adjustable
Dimensions :
12 x 9.8 x 14 inches
Bottom line:
Comfortable baby carrier for two babies of similar or different weight, ergonomic and natural but rather expensive.
10 of 10
4.70 lbs
Free shiping
Compact, comfortable, ergonomic design, natural materials, adjustable, easy to fold, easy to put on, soft material, excellent quality
Very expensive, vague instructions
Dimensions :
10 x 9.8 x 8.2 inches
Bottom line:
Compact and comfortable baby carrier for two children from 10 to 45 lbs, perfect to travel with, has the best users’ reviews, but very expensive.
8 of 10
3.00 lbs
Free shiping
Natural materials, high-quality fabric, comfort
Rather expensive, no accessories in a set
Dimensions :
10 x 9.8 x 8.2 inches
Bottom line:
Comfortable baby carrier for twins, made of breathable and natural materials, but rather expensive.
7 of 10
Free shiping
Ergonomic, natural materials, comfortable, easy to use, orthopedically correct position, allergic free, machine-washable, can be dried
Quite expensive
Bottom line:
Ergonomic and comfortable carrier for babies from 4 lb until 6 month old, provides orthopedically correct position for a baby, practical and allergic-free, but expensive.

1. Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Carrier Twigaroo

Price: $159.99 from

Price: $142.84 from


  • Adjustable waistband
  • Diaper bag with 2 bottle holders
  • 2 compartments for diaper and spare cloths
  • Eco-friendly because of nature materials use.
  • Ergonomic shape makes it convenient for a parent and comfortable for babies.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Suits for big-size parents only because of not adjustable waist belt.

This product is essentially, what can be accurately termed as a twin carrier that can also double up as an adequate diaper bag at the same time. It has been crafted from a 100% cotton material, which is soft and gentle to both you and your twin babies. This, at one go, can guarantee the optimal comfort of both you and your little ones when babywearing. The Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Carrier Twigaroo also happens to be a very ergonomic instance of these given baby carriers. It comes with a totally customizable waistband that is able to stretch as much as 78”. This certainly infers that almost anyone regardless of their exact body shape or size, can be able to wear it and achieve a comfortable fit.

Additionally, it features a wide and well-padded waist-belt, which has been specifically designed to distribute the weight of both your twin babies evenly on your shoulders and back. This, without a shadow of a doubt, means you can effortlessly carry both of them in maximum comfort even if your babywearing lasts for several hours on end. As was previously noted, this baby carrier can effectively serve as the perfect diaper bag when you are up and about with your twin babies in tow.

To which end, it comes with a strategically situated diaper bag compartment at its back end. This compartment has been further subdivided into 2 insulated baby bottle pouches along with 2 other separate compartments. The latter of which can be easily utilized to store diapers, wipes or even a change of clothing for your beloved twin babies. All in all, this baby carrier can be ideal for carrying 2 babies weighing the same or even those whose weight might slightly differ.

2. Twingo Baby Carrier

Price: $214.95 from Amazon.comPrice: $214.95 Price: $214.97 from


  • A set includes: one base carrier, one attachment carrier, two TwinGo sleep hoods and one removable set of attachment shoulder straps
  • Roomy pockets
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable both for babies and parents.
  • Adjustable belts allow to use it for parents of different heights and parameters.
  • Easy to fold and carry makes it perfect to travel with.
  • Very expensive.
  • Not clear instructions.

The TwinGo Baby Carrier is a remarkably excellent example of the best baby carrier for twins that you could currently find in the market. It has been crafted from an ultra soft fabric in order to make sure that both your babies and even you remain comfortable. This particular fabric is also color-coded to assist those parents who may be new to babywearing to easily learn the ropes of the game.’ This product also happens to integrate an extremely ergonomic design and construction. First of all, it features a very sturdy waistband, which comes with 6 different configuration settings. This feature ensures that it can perfectly fit individuals whose body sizes range from XS to XL.

It also sports premium 1” shoulder straps, which can effectively ease the strain exerted on the wearer’s shoulders and back. These are further reinforced to provide sufficient strength when you carry your twin babies at the same time. Still, on the TwinGo Baby Carrier’s shoulder straps, they integrate both top and bottom adjustments. This offers a customized fit ranging from newborns to even toddlers. The whole package includes a single attachment carrier, a single additional shoulder strap, 2 sleeping hoods together with 2 pockets that can be conveniently converted into carrying cases. The 2 sleeping hoods are purposely meant to shield both of your babies from the sun’s harsh glare and strong winds.

This product’s various components have been made from sturdy, resilient and highly durable plastic materials. That could be rightly likened to those materials used to manufacture mountaineering gear and accessories. Like the finest baby carrier varieties of this kind, this one is highly noted for its unparalleled versatility of utilization.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can use it as a dual carrier for both your twin babies. Alternatively, you can convert it into 2 separate single baby carriers. Both of which you and your partner can make use of to carry your little ones. As you can evidently see, making the choice to buy this baby carrier can be a very cost-effective solution. Particularly when you compare it with purchasing 2 separate baby carriers, and the fact that its quality is in no way compromised by its dual-carrier attribute. This product can be ideal for twin babies and even 2 children of slightly differing ages.

3. TwinGo Carrier Lite Model

Price: $199.99 from

Price: $199.99 from


  • Easily separates into two carriers
  • Roomy packs
  • Soft padded shoulder straps allows to reduce pressure on parent’s shoulders.
  • Roomy pockets allows you to take all necessary things for walking.
  • Rather expensive.
  • Straps for second carrier needs to buy separately.

Here is an exceptionally lightweight baby carrier, which integrates a minimalistic’ pocket-less design and construction. Like the first TwinGo product that has been reviewed above, this one comes with an ultra soft 100% cotton fabric that is color-coded to facilitate for intuitive utilization. It also has a sturdy waistband which features 6 different configuration settings. This signifies virtually anybody can, regardless of their body shape and size, be able to wear it. It has premium foam ergonomic shoulder straps that have been designed to provide that perfect and most comfortable fit. The whole package includes a single base carrier, an attachment carrier and 2 sleeping hoods. The latter of which can serve as

The whole package includes a single base carrier, an attachment carrier and 2 sleeping hoods. The latter of which can serve as effective sun and windscreen for both your babies while resting. Like the first TwinGo Carrier, you can use this one as either a dual carrier or 2 separate single carriers.

4. Weego Twin Navy Blue Carrier

Weego Twin Navy Blue Baby Carrier
Price: $169.00 from


  • 2 Carrying Positions
  • Machine washable at 30°C (92°F)
  • Can be tumble dried at low temperature
  • Special double pouch system
  • Wide padded shoulder straps allow to reduce pressure on parent’s shoulders.
  • 2 Carrying Positions allows you to choose the most convenient position for you and your baby.
  • Machine washable carrier which allows you to save your time on cleaning.
  • Adjustable size makes it suitable for parent’s with different parameters.
  • Storage bag allows you to take all necessary things for walking.
  • Quite expensive.

The Weego Twin Navy Blue carrier has been specifically designed for the express use by newborn twin babies. It can comfortably support a maximum weight of 3 lbs for each baby. Unlike all the other products reviewed here, this one can permit you to carry both your babies in the front facing position at the same time. As such, it is needless to point out that this front facing baby carrier has been purposely designed to enhance skin-to-skin contact between you and your twin babies. This, like it was previously stated, allows you to efficiently regulate their body temperature. While also providing an excellent means of bonding with your little ones.

At the same time, this product facilitates for a totally hands-free caring of your babies. To this end, it makes it infinitely convenient to conduct a wide range of activities, without your twins getting in the way. This includes executing household chores, going out shopping or getting around town with your little ones in tow. The Weego Twin Navy Blue Carrier also integrates a remarkably ergonomic design. It has been crafted with a unique dual pouch system. This feature ensures both your twins adopt an orthopedically proper posture when you carry them in tandem babywearing.

This product can be utilized right from birth, and it is especially suitable for twins who are prematurely born. Depending on your babies’ exact weight and size, you will be able to use it until they reach an age of 3 to 6 months old. At this juncture, it is vital to note that the Weego Twin Navy Blue carrier can be fully customized to fit different individuals of different sizes. It integrates a navy blue brushed cotton twill that comes with a blue and white checked interior lining. The whole package includes 3 cotton bibs, which you can clean separately.

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