Tips for Getting Pregnant
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Tips for Getting Pregnant

calendarJuly 25, 2016

Tips for getting pregnant

There are many important tips to keep track of in order to get pregnant faster. Here are some of them:

  • Quit smoking. Smoking reduces fertility in both men and women. Nonsmokers have a better chance of getting pregnant.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Those who are of normal weight through eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, along with fish and lean meats, will have a better chance of getting pregnant when compared to those who are overweight.
  • Know your menstrual cycle. Once you know when you are ovulating, you can know when your fertile period so you can have sex during that time. An ovulation test kit can tell you when you are ovulating.
  • Make sure the male has normal sperm. This may entail the male giving a sperm sample to make sure the sperm count and motility are normal.
  • Try to have sex in your twenties. Fertility in women begins to decline at the age of 27 and this becomes more obvious in the 30s. You should try to have your children in your twenties so that fertility is at its maximum.

Tips on Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

Your fertility will decline beginning at age 27 so that your chances of getting pregnant declines significantly by age 35. If you are 35 or older, you may want to seek the advice of a fertility specialist if you don’t get pregnant after six months of unprotected, and well-timed sex. A fertility specialist can stimulate your ovulation and can determine if the sperm count is normal. IUI and IVF procedures can help a couple get pregnant while in their 30s and 40s.

Tips to Get Pregnant with Twins

Tips to get pregnant with twins

There is no way to guarantee twins, but there are some ways to increase your chances of having fraternal twins. The first is to take a prescription medication called Clomid. Clomid is taken on days 5-9 of the menstrual cycle and will yield twins about 11 percent of the time. 

Other ways to get twins is to have your ovaries stimulated to make many eggs that are mixed with sperm in order to get multiple embryos. The embryos can be implanted two at a time so that the chances of twins are greater. Doctors are steering away from implanting more than two embryos at a time because the procedure has become so successful that there is a chance for triplets or more if too many eggs are implanted inside the uterus.

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Getting Pregnant Tips with PCOS

If you have PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, you make a bunch of cysts on the ovaries so that fertility is decreased. It doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant at all but your fertility is diminished. In such cases, you should try to get pregnant on your own for about six months and if you are not successful, seek the advice of a reproductive specialist who can use IUI or IVF to help you get pregnant.

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination and is cheaper than IVF. The doctor inserts sperm from just the tip of a catheter that can insert washed sperm into the uterus at the time of ovulation. Ovulation can be stimulated so you have a better chance of releasing eggs into your fallopian tubes. The best cure for PCOS is to get pregnant. This can decrease the effects of PCOS so that you can have a greater chance of having babies in the future.

Ovulation can be stimulated so you have a better chance of releasing eggs into your fallopian tubes. The best cure for PCOS is to get pregnant. This can decrease the effects of PCOS so that you can have a greater chance of having babies in the future.

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Tips on How to Get Pregnant After a Tubal Ligation

There are no real tips and tricks to get pregnant after a tubal ligation. The only real way to get pregnant after a tubal ligation is to have the tubal ligation reversed. This involves doing surgery to anastomose the tied and possibly burned ends of the tubes again so that the fallopian tubes are patent. This hopefully will allow an egg to travel down the fallopian tube in order to be fertilized.

The procedure does not always work and there is a higher than average rate of tubal pregnancies from the scar tissue created during the surgery. The fertility is usually normal but the fertilized egg does not pass down the fallopian tube and instead implants in the tube. This can be life threatening if the tubal pregnancy does not dissolve with medications like methotrexate. It may result in the removal of a section of the tube.

If you cannot get pregnant with a tubal ligation, you need to have your ovaries stimulated to create a number of eggs so that they can be retrieved and mixed with the partner’s sperm. This results in fertilized eggs that grow to become small embryo. The embryos are implanted within the uterus via IVF so that you can expect one to two babies to implant and create a pregnancy. This can be expensive, however, and insurance does not usually pay for this kind of procedure.

Tips to Getting Pregnant with a Boy or a Girl

There is no way to definitely have a boy or a girl, but there are tips to getting pregnant with a boy. The fact of the matter is that male sperm swims faster than female sperm in general. This means that if a couple wants to have a boy, they need to refrain from sex until they are within a day of ovulation and then they should have sex.

The faster male sperm will go right to the egg at the time of ovulation and there will be an increased chance of having a boy. Certainly, there can be fast moving female sperm but the chances of having a boy will be greater. The only other way to guarantee to have a boy is to undergo IVF and select out only male embryos to be inserted into the uterus. That way, there is a guarantee of having a boy. This is an expensive process that not everyone can undergo.

Getting pregnant tips

Girl sperm tends to live longer in the uterus and fallopian tubes than male sperm. In order to increase your chances of having a girl, you need to have sex 4-5 days before ovulation and then not have sex until the time of ovulation. By that time, usually only female sperm remain and can fertilize the egg. This does not guarantee that you will have a girl but increases the odds of this happening.

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