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20+ Things Girls Do That Guys Love - Become a Perfect Girl for Him

calendarApril 07, 2017

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the things girls do that guys love. The majority of men find women to be lovable and adorable in quite a few ways. Although many of the qualities of females are noticed by us, we often tend to overlook lots of them. A man will usually feel extremely comfortable in the pleasant company of a girl, since apart from taking care of them, girls can even surprise them in a number of ways.

In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that nothing is better, on this planet, than girls. Although there are plenty of things guys do that girls love, below are the top 21 guidelines of what cute things girls do for their guys.

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1. Look him in the eyes

However, take care not to do this in a weird manner which will make him think that you have no affinity for him. Every man likes a girl to look him in the eyes while conversing with him. The same is applicable in the case of girls who would also love to catch a guy staring at her. In spite of the fact that no man will reveal his interest in a girl looking at him, he will definitely feel it.

However, take care not to look at him for a considerable period of time, since that will make things rather scary and unnatural. Try to give your full attention to your man when he is conversing with you; he will definitely appreciate it.

One of the smartest techniques to capture the heart of any guy is to look steadily into his eyes. No guy wants his girl to pretend that she is listening to him while she is actually busy with her mobile phone or something else. It is your genuineness that will make everything so special. By looking him in the eyes, you're actually conveying to him that you are present with him. This is something every guy will enjoy.

2. Point out a minor detail

Every guy out there loves the idea of a girl focusing her full attention on him. Additionally, if she points out a minor detail during their conversation, it will provide the guy immense pleasure. Sometimes he might make a small error while conversing, due to lack of concentration, and when his girl points out that detail, he will surely admit it. He will be elated to realize that his girl paid full attention to him and took his dialogue seriously.

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The most important thing is that you'll be able to do something he likes. Every man likes to be taken seriously while conversing, therefore when you point out a minor detail, it will definitely strike the core of his heart.

3. Call him by an adorable nickname

It is quite common amongst couples to call one another by adorable nicknames and if you do so, your guy will surely welcome it. By doing so, you will make him feel that you are quite intimate with him and you two make a wonderful pair.

Moreover, it will be better if that name bears a meaning behind it, or reminds him of some past incident, such as how he snores loudly whilst slumbering, or how he closed the door leaving the keys behind. It should provoke great fun and laughter for both of you and he will feel much closer to you by realizing that you adore him. It is important to have somebody who comprehends your persona. Besides, a unique nickname will speak volumes of your innovativeness and sense of humor.

4. Make distinctive noises

Your man will simply love it when you make unique sounds, whether it’s because you find something surprising or simply because you are laughing. Although you might think that this will not be appreciated by your guy, possibly thinking it’s strange, in reality, he will surely like it. It will help to make you stand out from the rest of the girls. Despite the fact that he might not tell you about his feelings, you can easily guess it from his attitude and body language.

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You might not take it seriously, but your guy surely does. This is one particular tip which funny girls will find extremely helpful.

5. Show that you care for him

All boys on the planet want love and affection from their partners. He will surely want his girl to give him top priority and have dinner ready when he returns home from his workplace. This attitude comes naturally to every man. He is going to praise a girl who cares for him and not because she is supposed to do so. It is just a nice gesture to show your man you care. In fact, this is what guys look for in girls.

He will also love to have physical contact with his girl after working tirelessly the whole day, draining all of his energy. The subtle touch of his woman will make him feel rejuvenated. Simply kissing or cuddling him will be enough for him to adore you even more.

6. Ask whether he needs anything

Do not hesitate to ask him if he needs anything, which will make him feel great. However, do not make him feel that you are easily available to him, since he might use that to his own advantage. Try to ask him simple questions, such as whether he wants some extra cheese in his sandwich, or whether he wants you to buy anything in particular while you are at the market. Although these are concerned with ordinary things in our daily life, guys are going to take it seriously.

Many men are hesitant to express their requirements, so you must take care of that. This awesome gesture is surely going to win his heart. You need not spoil your man; simply show him your affinity and that you’re thinking of him.

7. Wish him Good Morning or Good Night

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There is hardly a guy in this world who does not want his girl to wish him Good Morning or Good Night. He is not going to express his feelings, therefore his close buddies or even his girlfriend will not hear about it, because he does not feel the necessity to tell the world about his feelings. Whatever may be the case, he will surely appreciate the kiss you give him while wishing him good morning or goodnight. He will feel awesome.

This is inherent and there is no explanation required for why he likes it just as much as other folks out there. Guys are rather easy going by nature and will not bother to assert that they adore the girls who wish them Good Morning or Good Night. If he ever does so, you must give him kudos since it probably didn’t come easily. However, you must not taunt him for expressing his emotions, since that might prevent him from doing so in the future.

8. Rectify your bad habits

No individual on the planet is devoid of bad and undesirable habits, and girls are no exception to this. It is perfectly normal for you to have some flaws in your behavior. Your man might amicably point out the flaws, so you must not complain about it. He is doing it for your betterment, with the expectation that the bad habit slowly disappears. However, in certain cases, these bad habits might not fade away or might take some time to do so.

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Habit is the second nature of human beings and, therefore, it is natural that it might take quite a while before you get rid of it. Your endeavor to kick it away is going to get the appreciation of your guy, since he will realize that you are doing it to make him happy. There is no need to be 100% perfect. The most important thing is that you have been able to draw his attention by deciding to do something that won't cause irritation to him anymore.

9. Help him with his outfit

This is one of the attractive things girls do for their menfolk. Many guys are going to have a soft spot for you if you perform this action. They won't assume that you are attempting to take the place of their mom, but having somebody looking after them is a great feeling indeed. He will appreciate you if you help him put on his tie or even iron his garments before he is heading to the office.

Guys are quite simple by nature and these trifle things will surely keep them interested in you. Instead of giving his clothes to the laundry, try to wash them on your own as a part of your daily domestic chores. Also, help him with folding his shirts properly before placing them in the wardrobe. This will certainly help to take lots of pressure off your man. He will start depending on you more than before, especially when he is at home.

10. Try to smell great

All guys like girls who smell nice. Prior to retiring to bed, take a hot bath and try to smell great while sleeping with your man. He will definitely be enlivened by the exotic aroma emitting from your body and it should drive him completely insane.

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11. Put on an alluring outfit

A hot dress will attract your man without fail and it will also make you feel good, if you happen to be depressed. Thus, it is advisable to dress up rather seductively, possibly including some lacy lingerie just to allure him.

12. Be the one to make the initial move

Try to fondle him "down there" rather casually or maybe kiss him passionately. It is something guys love about girls. He is going to be surprised by your provocative actions and it will make him realize how much you long for him.

13. Don't wear anything at all

If you are pondering what do guys like in a girl, then this is something every guy is going to love. It is rather self-explanatory. If you don't wear anything when he tries to cuddle you, he is going to get aroused and there is absolutely nothing to complaint about.

14. Talk vulgar

It does not take much effort to talk dirty with your partner, which they find sexy on most occasions. Most men love the idea of talking vulgar with their hot girls, just like women cherish the idea of shopping to their heart's content.

Talking dirty will set the mood for a great nocturnal adventure for both of you in the bedroom.

15. Offer him a fantastic massage

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After working tirelessly all day, every man likes to be massaged on his head, neck and other sensitive areas. It’s even better if his girl does this for him.

16. Close your eyes while kissing him

All males like to be kissed by their sweet girls, especially if they do it with their eyes shut. According to many guys, it makes their girls look more enchanting.

17. Purse your lips

We all know that lips are a very sensitive area on our body. If you happen to purse your lips, particularly while concentrating, your man might find it to be captivating, as well as hot.

18. Bite your lips

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Biting lips is something men love about women. It is not surprising that lip-biting is a very old form of flirting. When you look at your man and bite your lips, he is sure to get horny and will be eager to have you physically.

19. Stretch your body

Almost every single man on earth loves to see a girl stretch her body, whether she is in her living room or even at the grocery outlet. It will be extremely hard for any guy to take his eyes off you when you are stretching. In fact, the view is simply irresistible.

20. Laugh heartily

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You will appear much happier when you are giggling merrily, and every guy will be lured by you - particularly if you are laughing at their pranks.

21. Bite an object between your lips

When you bite any object between your lips, such as a pen or a straw, there is something sensuous about it. You might do this unintentionally, but when you take a look across the room, you will find lots of men looking passionately at you.

Below we have mentioned some love quotes for attracting men:

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  • "I chose to be your friend, but falling in love with you was out of my control."
  • "I wish I could turn back the clock. I'd find you sooner and love you longer."
  • "I love being yours."
  • "You're cute, can I keep you?"

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