The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant: Is There Such a Thing?
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The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant: Is There Such a Thing?

calendarAugust 25, 2016

Way to get pregnant

For some people, getting pregnant is as easy and natural as the course of life, while for others, it may be accidental, while for other is may be a challenge. The journey to pregnancy is different from one person to another.

This is why there are so many questions about pregnancy:

  • Is it possible to get pregnant if you are stressed?
  • What’s the most effective way to get pregnant?
  • How many ways can I conceive?
  • What is the fastest way to get pregnant?
  • What’s a good sexual position to get pregnant with a boy?

The questions range from normal and expected to weird, but these are all valid questions to ask. If you are one of those people looking for key questions and answers about what is or are the easiest ways to get pregnant, then here is an article that you should definitely look into.

What Are The Ways to Get Pregnant?

It’s very important to make sure you understand how your body works and if there are any special needs that you might need to conceive. Some women have no problem conceiving as they have a regular menstrual cycle, which means they ovulate every month and can tell when they are pregnant. This regular menstrual cycle allows them to properly plan and time their pregnancy, as they know when they are most likely ovulating. So if you have a regular menstrual cycle, then you should time check your fertility schedule.

Another way to get pregnant is to consult your doctor. If you have been trying and there seems to be no luck after several months, you can visit your doctor to check what could be causing the challenge and what you and your partner can do about it.

How Does Ovulation Work?

Every month, you release an egg from your ovaries and it travels to the fallopian tube. This period when the egg is ready for fertilization is your ovulation period.

How Do I Know That the Time Is Good to Get Pregnant?

Women go through different things, which makes telling their ovulation factors and even symptoms very difficult to tell. But there are common symptoms that you can take note of to see if you are ovulating. Physically, when your body is ready, then that’s a good time to get pregnant.

There’s also the factor of age. Some say that it is best to get pregnant from 24 to 30 years old. While another way of looking at it is to look at the maturity and readiness of the person to have a child. There is also the financial preparedness, are you prepared to provide for your child? A twenty-four year old might be ripe in age, but not ready financially and emotionally. So the right time to be pregnant is a mix of different factors. It is about making sure you understand if you are ready those that matter.

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How Do I Get Pregnant with Twins?

Way to get pregnant

It is said that getting pregnant with twins is a genetic predisposition. If a woman who has had twins from either side of your family, then it is believed that have greater chances of being pregnant with twins. There is something in your genetic make-up that might increase the chance of you releasing more than one egg, hence the possibility of having twins.

Getting pregnant with twins is a very small percentage out of the total count of people who get pregnant. Only a slim 1 to 3 percent would get the chance to have twins. Conceiving identical twins is even harder than the chances of having fraternal twins.

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What Are the Signs of Ovulation?

So what can you do to know that you are ovulating? Even though there are no same ten ways to check if you are ovulating because it may be different from one person to the other, here are some of them common signs that might help you out.

It is possible for women to feel warmer when they are ovulating. There is observed increase in the rested body temperature of women who are ovulating. This is known as the basal temperature of your body. So one way to check for yourself is to get your body temperature when you just woke up in the morning. It is best to record this and see if and when there are any spikes in your body temperature. Usually, you might see a trend of two to three days where your temperature is slightly higher than average. You might be fertile during those days.

You can also check if you have more cervical mucous or if its consistency has changed. During normal days, the cervical mucous is usually thick, but when you are near or already in ovulation period, it turns into something clear and more lubricated. Some say it looks like the white portion of a fresh egg. If you have a fertility diary, you can start taking note of your vaginal discharge too to see if there are any changes. This is also good practice since you would be able to spot right away if there are any weird changes in your body.

What Is the Quickest Way to Get Pregnant?

Way to get pregnant

The quickest way to get pregnant is tricky to answer because there are so many factors that affect how quickly you can get pregnant. There’s the factor of having the sperm of your partner checked. The sperm lasts five days in your body, so technically speaking if your partners “little superheroes” do not swim fast enough to get to your egg “home-base”, then you might experience some challenges in getting pregnant quickly. 

You can also check your own timing. During your ovulation period, you have fixed to six days to get pregnant. That’s because women can get pregnant within the five days before their ovulation period and on the ovulation day itself. So if you want to get pregnant fast, which means you might have a goal of getting pregnant within the next few months, then it would do you well to know when the winning six days would be. If you want a more accurate “schedule”, your gynecologist can help you with that.

Is There Such a Thing as the Easiest Way to Get Pregnant?

The most practical advice for this question would probably be to have sex more often, but the smartest way to answer this would probably be to have sex at the right time. And knowing the right time means knowing your own body. This is why it is important to take note of your own fertility symptoms. Keeping a diary really helps. And if you are the more modern and mobile type, there are plenty of fertility applications that you can download to your mobile phone that can help you track your own fertility journey.

There has been some research done on how to get pregnant with twins. There was Australian research that showed an increased probability for women to get pregnant with twins if they took folic acid before they were pregnant. Since the results of the study were not conclusive, you can ask your doctor about this if you really want to be pregnant with twins.

There is also the option of IVF or in vitro fertilization. This is a procedure wherein your egg cell is fertilized by the sperm of your partner outside of your body. This is why it is known for its colloquial term, “test tube baby”. The ovum or ova of the woman is taken out and is fertilized in a laboratory environment. Some couples who want to get pregnant with twins, opt for the in vitro fertilization. Instead of harvesting one egg, they harvest two and fertilize them at the same time. These fertilized eggs are then implanted back into the body for gestation.

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If You Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), What Are the Ways to Get Pregnant?

For women with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, getting pregnant can be a challenge. But what’s good though is that it is not entirely impossible. First things first, you need to talk to your doctor about your medical condition. Finding out what medications you’ve already taken is important. Your doctor can prescribe medications for you to correct your menstrual cycle, with the hopes that you will ovulate on your own.

There are other ways for women with PCOS to get pregnant. There have been several cases when natural alternative treatments such as acupuncture, colon cleansing and energy healing yield results for women with PCOS to get pregnant. You can visit your holistic centers in your own area to see if you have these treatments available. Colon cleansing aims to detoxify your body to allow for your body processes to regulate properly. Acupuncture is part of the PCOS package as it helps stimulate key systems in the body, such as the endocrine system, that may not be functioning well, which causes you to not ovulate properly. And energy healing helps in the holistic well-being and sense of relaxation.

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