The Best Days to Get Pregnant
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The Best Days to Get Pregnant

calendarJuly 26, 2016

The best days to get pregnantThe Best Days to Get Pregnant

In order to decide what the best day to get pregnant is, you must understand the menstrual cycle. The most menstrual cycle is usually 28 days in length. The luteal phase lasts about two weeks and is the time when the uterine lining gets thicker in preparation for a possible fertilized embryo. On about the 14th day, the egg is released on the day of ovulation. This egg will travel down the fallopian tube and, if sperm is present in the fallopian tube, the egg will be fertilized and pregnancy is begun.

If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, it degenerates over the course of about 24 hours. Then comes the follicular phase, in which the follicle that released the egg produces progesterone in order to prepare the uterine lining and sustain the pregnancy until it implants in the uterus at about 9-11 days post ovulation. If there is no embryo, the corpus luteum degenerates, and the progesterone levels fall so that, after 28 days, another cycle of bleeding takes place.

How Many Days Does it Take to Get Pregnant?

There are only about 4-5 days that you can get pregnant. You are considered fertile at about day 10 of your cycle through the time of ovulation. This is because sperm deposited up to 4-5 days before ovulation can remain alive inside the female body and can fertilize the egg upon ovulation. You are most fertile the day or two before ovulation when many sperms will be available to inseminate the egg.

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What Day Did I Get Pregnant?

You don’t get pregnant until you ovulate on about the 14th post bleeding day of your cycle. The sperm may just stay there until the egg reaches them inside the fallopian tube. You can consider yourself pregnant if you regularly ovulate on about the 14th day. If you have irregular cycles, you don’t ovulate until later on. The exact time of ovulation varies with the length of the cycle but is exactly 14 days from the time of the next cycle starting.

What Days Can You Get Pregnant?

Consider yourself fertile on days 10-14 of your menstrual cycle. These are the days when you should try and have sex if you want to get pregnant and are the days to avoid sex if you don’t want to get pregnant. If you don’t know when you ovulate, you will have a difficult time knowing when to have or avoid sex.

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Fertile Days?

You can only get pregnant on your fertile days. The closest you are to the day of ovulation, the more fertile you will be. If you want to know exactly what the day of ovulation is, you can take your basal body temperature every morning before you get out of bed or use an ovulation test kit that measures the LH surge. When the temperature drops by half a degree, you are ovulating and should have sex. When the temperature increases by a degree, you have already ovulated and cannot get pregnant during that cycle. The temperature will remain elevated until you get your period. It will stay elevated if you are pregnant.

How Many Days before Ovulation can you get Pregnant?

You can only officially get pregnant at the time of ovulation, but you can have sex up to 5 days before you ovulate and still get pregnant. The sperm will just wait there in the uterus and fallopian tube until the egg is released and passed down the fallopian tube.

How Many Days a Month Can You Get Pregnant?

How many days a month can you get pregnant?How Many Days a Month Can You Get Pregnant?

You can get pregnant if you have sex up to five days before ovulation. If you have regular cycles, this is about from day 9 of your cycle to about day 14 of your cycle. After you ovulate, the egg has about 24 hours to get fertilized before the egg degenerates, and you can’t get pregnant until the next month. This gives you about 5 days in which you are fertile and can get pregnant each month.

It pays to keep a calendar of when you bleed and when you are ovulating so you know the length of your cycle. Even then, there is about a 50:50 chance of getting pregnant per cycle provided you are under the age of 27 and have sex within 2 days prior to ovulation.

Can You Get Pregnant any Day of the Month?

You can only get pregnant a few days a month. For the rest of the time, there is no fertilizable egg around, and you can’t get pregnant. You only ovulate once per cycle although you can release more than one egg at a time. This will lead to fraternal twins.

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How Many Days Before Ovulation Can You Get Pregnant?

You can get pregnant on the day of ovulation only, but you can have sex up to five days before that and still have viable sperm in the uterus ready to fertilize the egg.

The Most Likely Days to Get Pregnant

You are most likely to get pregnant a day or two before ovulation. Then you will have plenty of sperm in the fallopian tubes waiting for the egg to be released and to travel down the fallopian tube. Keep track of your temperature and you will know when you are ovulating.

What Days Can You Not Get Pregnant?

You can definitely not get pregnant twenty-four hours after ovulation up until the end of the cycle. The egg has degenerated, and you won’t get pregnant until the next cycle.

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What are the Most Fertile Days to Get Pregnant?

Your most fertile days are a day or two before ovulation although you can get pregnant if you have sex within 5 days of ovulation.

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How Many Days It Takes to Get Pregnant

Statistics says that you have a 50:50 chance of getting pregnant each cycle if you are under the age of 27 and have sex within 2 days of ovulation. The trick is knowing exactly when you ovulate so you can have sex at the right time.

Can You Get Pregnant in One Day?

You can get pregnant with just one act of intercourse if it is done within the fertile period. This is why, if you don’t want to get pregnant, you should use some barrier method of birth control if you have sex during the five days before you ovulate.

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