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25+ Games to Play Over Text - You Will Never be Bored Again

calendarMarch 17, 2017

Sometimes you are bored and you don’t want the same ole texting chats. Maybe you don’t know what else to do but don’t you worry, because I have just the thing for you. Try text based games today and I guarantee that you will have fun with these texting games. Below are over twenty-five awesome text games just for you. You can play with a girl, you can play with a guy or you can play with friends. Check them out my friend!

1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a text game that is played the exact way that you would play it if the person is in front of you. To make it more entertaining you can use your phone to take and share pictures as evidence when you have done the action that is required for the “dare”. Please remember to delete the pictures after if you don’t want other persons to see them!

This game is commonly played at social events but it is still suitable to be texting games played through text and it is still going to be entertaining and fun.

If you choose “truth,” then you are required to answer the question honestly. But, if you choose “dare” you should complete the action that is required, after which, your camera should be used to capture the proof of the “dare”.

The good thing about this game is that your girlfriend or your boyfriend won’t be shy since the game is played by text messages. However, it is very important to ensure that your dares or questions are not too offensive. Go ahead and try this text game, I guarantee you that you will have fun with it.

Texting games to play with friends. Truth or DareSource

2. Guess Where

Guess Where is a game which requires your opponent to guess your location after you have given him or her some clues. At first, you should observe your location then make a note of anything that is unique to the location. Your opponent will then guess where you might be, using the clues that you gave to him or her. Once your opponent answers the question correctly, you can switch positions. This means that it will be your turn to guess their location.

This game can be played with friends, families, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. It can be fun and interesting. So, go ahead and give it a try.

3. Silly Quotes

Silly Quotes is a game that might sound really silly but you would be surprised to know that it can be very entertaining. This game can be played with your partner or your friends. If you have access to the internet on your phone then this will be easier for you. There are many silly quotes online that will make you laugh out loud and they will make your partner or friend lol too. The game should be interactive, this means that both parties should aim to send the silliest quotes. Both of you will have a good laugh and you can continue sending silly quotes back and forth until you are ready to stop. I find this game to be fun and I am sure that you will too.

4. Rhymes Time

This is a fun text game that you should definitely try. The first player will start with a word or a phrase. The other player will be required to follow up with a word or phrase that rhymes with the one that was given first. Both players will continue with the game until one player is unable to respond to the rhyme. Try this game today. You will have fun.

5. Complete me

Complete me, is a texting game that requires your opponent to fill in the blanks. This game can be played with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and if you are comfy with your partner then you can make this game into a flirty texting game.

Player # 1 will begin the game with a statement or question about himself or herself. However, a keyword will be left blank and player #2 will be required to fill in the blank space. Here is an example: “You go wild when I______”

This game gets your lover to think about you and I am sure that he or she won’t be able to wait to see you in person after playing this game. Go ahead and try complete me. You won’t be disappointed.

6. Would You Prefer

This is a game that can be played via text messaging with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a great way to get to know your partner. The players will be required to ask each other questions but, the phrase would you prefer should be used before each question. The question should be followed by two hypothetical scenarios. Both players are required to be creative with the scenarios.

Here is a good example of a question like this “Would you prefer to lose your two legs or lose your two arms?

play with a girlSource

7. Never Have I Ever

I usually play this one with lots of friends when we meet up for a drink but it can be a great text game for two. When used as a text game, it can reveal real facts about your partner.

Both players should take turns as they make statements about what they have never done before. So, player # 1 will make a statement about something that he or she never did before. If the statement that was made by player # 1 is opposite to player # 2’s experience then player # 2 loses a point.

8. Music Lyrics

Music Lyrics is a good texting game that is ideal for people who love music. I usually play this game with my friends but I found out recently that it can be played between two lovers. I play this game when I am bored at home, traveling on the bus or sitting in a park. Player # 1 will quote lyrics from a song then send it to player # 2 through a text message. Player # 2 will then guess the song that the lyrics were taken from. If player # 2 answers incorrectly then he or she will be punished in some kind of way. Be creative with your punishments.

9. The Letter Game

The letter game is a fun and easy game that can be played through text messaging. Firstly, both players will choose a subject, the subject can be foods, places, animals, or countries. After choosing the subject, player # 1 will begin the game with a word that would fall under the subject that was chosen. Player # 2 will then text another word that begins with the last letter of the word that player # 1 sent. This game will continue until one person is unable to come up with a word. That person will be the loser.

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10. What would you do if

This game is one that will let you know more about your boyfriend or your girlfriend. There is no wrong or right answer in this game, therefore, you will have no winner or no loser. One player will start with “What would you do if” followed by a scenario. You can play this game if you want to know what the person will do in certain situations. This game can be very fun, exciting and very interesting because you can talk about any topic.

11. I am a Movie Star

I am a Movie Star is a fun game that you can play with a partner or a friend. This game requires you to be a character from a movie. You should know how this character speaks and text a line that the character said in a movie. Your opponent will then guess the character that you are. This game is ideal for movie lovers.

12. Let us Build a Story

This game is ideal for persons who loves to write. Player # 1 will begin with a word or a sentence and the other player will respond with another word or sentence. You will continue the cycle until you have a complete story. Sometimes the story may not go as you would expect it to and sometimes the story may not flow but do not worry about all of that. Sometimes the twist will make it more exciting and fun. And at the end of it all, you will have an awesome new story.

13. We are Poets

We are Poets is another awesome game for people who loves to write. It is similar to “Let us build a story” However, you will be making a poem instead. One person will begin with a line and the other person should follow with another line that rhymes. You will continue along this line until you have a complete poem. Remember that you should choose a topic first. An example is below.


  • Player # 1: Love is caring
  • Player # 2: Love is sharing
  • Player # 1: Love is giving
  • Player # 2: Love should be our way of living

14. Abbreviations

This game can be very difficult to win however, it still can be fun and exciting. In this game, you will send letters in a text to the other player. Each letter begins a word and these words make up a complete sentence. Your opponent will be required to guess the sentence for the letters that you sent. For example: “ILS” this means that “I Love School” To make this game easier I usually choose a 'subject' to begin with. Sometimes I also offer hints by writing out a word in the abbreviation. Example: “ I love S”.

games to play through textSource

15. Quiz Time

I love quizzes and I find that it makes an excellent text game. This game requires you to text general knowledge questions to your opponent. Your opponent will be required to give the correct answers to the questions.

16. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This game is one that is played online by many. It is also a fun text game. You are required to choose names of celebrities or people you both know. If you text a name of a person or a celebrity to your friend, that friend should decide whether you want to kiss, marry, or kill the person. This game is just for fun.

17. I Spy

I spy is a great text game. This game can be played with your girlfriend or your boyfriend. First, start by telling your partner where you are, then look around your surroundings to find an object. Ask your partner to guess which object it is. Please, remember to give him or her a clue.

18. Let’s Break it Down

This text game is one that I love. It requires you to break apart and rearrange a word to form other words from it. You can allot time to make it more interesting and fun. An example is below.


The key word that I got is understanding, from this word I can get; stand, under, standing, dear, tear, sit etc. I would continue sending these words to my opponent until the allotted time as expired or until I cannot find any more new words. My opponent would then tally the results before I present him or her with a word of my choice, the game will continue until we decide to stop.

19. Reversed Sentences

I love this game. The reality is that sometimes normal texting is too boring and we need to make things interesting by spicing things up just a little bit. You will be required to write all the words in your text in the reserved order and the other person should respond in the same way. Go ahead and try it out.

20. Twenty Questions

The Twenty Questions game is a game for two people. Firstly, player #1 will pick a person or a thing that player # 2 should guess. Player # 2 will then text a question that can be answered with a yes or no response. Player # 2 can only ask twenty questions and will either guess the answer correctly or lose. The players will then change roles. An example is below.


You chose an apple as your subject. Then, your opponent may ask. “Are you a machine?” You would be required to respond with a “no” Your opponent may then ask “Are you a fruit?” An apple is a fruit so you would respond with a “yes”.

play with a guySource

21. Silly Photos

Silly Photos is a fun and silly game that will make a person have a good laugh. All you need to do is find the silliest photos online and send it to your friend. You can send these photos back and forth until you are ready to stop.

22. The Emoji Translation Game

This game is a very interesting one. Both players need to ensure that they download the latest emoji keyboard. In order to play this game, all you need to do is to find a set of emoji that depicts your feelings then send them to each other. You should not type any words in these messages, emoticons do not have an actual meaning, however, your partner or friend will be able to guess what you are saying and this will make things more fun.

23. Blind Date

Blind Date is a simple romantic text game. All you need to do is think about five places that you would want to go on a blind date. After which, you will share these places with each other. If you both thought of the same place then visit that place the next day. How nice is that?

24. Romance Hunt

This game is a very romantic one for partners. These partners are required to text ten to twenty romantic items to each other. The person who finds the most items wins. Some ideas of romantic items are lingerie, champagne, roses etc…

25. Strip Poker

This game is a fun texting game to play with your boyfriend or your girlfriend. It is just for couples who want a little romance in their text life. This game requires them to ask personal questions about their relationship like their first meal that they had together or where they had their first date. If they get the answer incorrectly then they should remove a piece of clothing and take a picture to show that the clothing was removed. These partners should continue the game until both of them are naked. Please remember to delete these pictures after.

26. Confession Time

Confession Time is a romantic texting game that that is really simple and fun. Both players are required to ask normal questions and both should answer these questions truthfully. Be sure to ask questions that you want to know the answer to. And remember that confession is good for the soul!

texting games to play with your boyfriendSource

So there you have it, some good texting games to spice up your text life. These are all games to play through text, some require internet while others do not. Try them out one by one and you will see that they are really entertaining. I wish you love, peace and happiness in your life.

Find some games to play over text when you are bored in this video:

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