Top 5 Tactical Baby Carriers and Pack Reviews
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Top 5 Tactical Baby Carriers and Pack Reviews

calendarMay 15, 2017

Contrary to what some ill-informed individuals would like to believe, babywearing is not an exclusive preserve of mothers. Indeed, now more than ever, quite a large number of fathers revel in this age old practice. Mind you, in a way that by no means comprises their macho attitude or manly disposition. As you may probably be aware, babywearing does in fact present parents and their little bundles of joy a wide variety of benefits.

tactical baby carrier review

5 Best Tactical Baby Carriers and Packs in 2017
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9 of 10
1.30 lbs
Free shipping
Heavy-duty MOLLE webbing
Quite expensive
Bottom line:
The whole package includes a tactical baby gear changing mat and a 2.5 L hydration bladder that comes with a bite valve for your baby immediate use.
8 of 10
1.85 lbs
Free shipping
Lumbar support, adjustable hood
Quite expensive
Bottom line:
Ergonomic design to provide extra comfort and support for parent and baby.
9 of 10
2.25 lbs
Free shipping
Sun shield, MOLLE attachments front and back
Slightly heavy
Bottom line:
MOLLE straps for customization, and a unique secure vest design allowing full mobility and freedom of hands
8 of 10
1.80 lbs
Free shipping
Durable and rugged water repellant materials
A small changing pad
Bottom line:
The interior mesh pockets and dividers make it easy for us to separate items needed for baby and for toddler.
6 of 10
2.10 lbs
Free shipping
2 front zippered pockets along with a zippered mid pouch
Material type - polyester
Bottom line:
It features 3 separate badges, one of the USA flag, a Dad On Diaper Duty (D.O.D.D) badge and a daddy badge.

Well, if you are still in the dark of the most notable advantages, which come with babywearing, here is a breakdown of them.

Babywearing facilitates for an intimate bonding between a dad and his baby:

To begin with, practicing babywearing as a father will conveniently and in a hassle-free manner bring you much closer to your child in his or her formative period. The skin-to-skin contact that is offered by the very best tactical baby carrier currently available in the market is literally indispensable.

For your baby, he or she will no doubt easily sense the boundless love you cherish toward them, thanks to their close proximity to your person. Over the passage of time, your child can be able to effortlessly identify you from a room full of people, just simply your intimacy with them through babywearing.

Babywearing can significantly play a role in your baby’s overall growth and development:

Taking the time and effort to carry your child in a baby carrier can greatly assist in been able to fast-track their physical and psychological growth and development. Most of the finest varieties of these products can enable you to carry your little one in the front facing in baby carrying position. This conveniently permits your baby to closely monitor all the actions and even words you constantly direct towards them. In the long run, this can make your child to easily imbibe both verbal and non-verbal language cues, which will serve him or her well in their future mental development.

As for his or her physical growth, the best baby carriers out there are specifically designed to fully support your baby’s spinal cord C-shaped curvature. In a nutshell, this allows your little one to be able to effectively support this unique curve, until the moment they grow older. When they can finally be able to support additional development to their fragile spine. The right baby carriers can also enable babies to gain the necessary strength to fully support the weight of their heads and torso.

Babywearing supports for a hands-free care of your young child:

Finally, the practice of babywearing lets you provide all possible care that your baby might stand in need of, with both of your hands been totally free. This definitely means that while you are at it, you can be able to do things you usually would not be able to do when you take care of your child. This, of course, includes executing pressing household tasks around the house, running errands or even enjoying an idyllic walk around the neighborhood.

You also need an ideal manly diaper bag:

At the same time, besides an excellent baby carrier, you as a responsible father need to obtain an ideal diaper bag for the trips around town that you bring your child in tow. Of course, your inherent manly pride will not let you be seen in public carrying a traditional baby diaper bag. However, there are now numerous products of this given nature, which have been specifically designed for macho men who still happen to be dads.

These ingenious diaper bags incorporate a highly rugged, and some would say, very military construction. Despite this fact, these products are still in a good position of meeting all the critical functions that old fashioned diaper bags do.

Well, with that fully understood, let us now take a closer look at some of the best examples of the top quality men's baby carrier you may like to give a try as a doting father. While also reviewing the finest tactical diaper bags, which are to be found in the market.

1. Mission Critical Baby Carrier

Mens Baby Carrier
Price: $179.00 from


  • It is rugged to give it a manly appearance while still maintaining its functionality
  • The exterior is crafted with high quality 1000D nylon material to achieve its look
  • Its interior is well padded with staircase air mesh fabric and perforated foam material
  • It has an inner lining, and a distinctive vest design to ensure proper baby support as well as free hands for any other urgent tasks at hand
  • It has an integrated sunshield attachment which is very effective in protecting your baby from the sun’s glare
  • It comes with multiple compartments where you can stow away the baby’s items
  • It has adjustable front facing in and front facing out positions.
  • This baby carrier comes with a sun shield which protects the baby from harmful UV rays.
  • It has high-quality stitching for both long life and aesthetic appeal.
  • It’s made of heavy duty material, a mark of its high quality.
  • It has very comfortable padding on the interior which is great for the baby’s skin.
  • Improperly placing the baby in the carrier may cause long-term harm to the child’s joints.
  • It’s not as easy to wash as other carriers.

The Mission Critical Baby Carrier has been expressly designed to meet the peculiar needs of a father who wishes to practice babywearing. It integrates an extremely rugged and what some might label manly appearance. This is largely thanks to its exterior having been crafted from a top quality 1000D nylon fabric. Nevertheless, despite this baby carrier’s rugged look, its interior components are well padded with a staircase air mesh fabric along with a perforated foam material . This goes a long way in letting the wearer and the baby obtain optimal comfort throughout the babywearing process, regardless of how long it may actually take.

It is needless to point out that the Mission Critical Baby Carrier integrates an extremely ergonomic design. This facilitates for the whole weight of the baby to be evenly distributed on their father’s shoulders. Thanks to this ergonomic design, you will also obtain maximum back support, allowing you to engage in enjoyable as well as comfortable babywearing all through the day. To further alleviate the intense pressure that would ordinarily be exerted on your shoulders, this baby carrier comes with a totally customizable lumbar support system.

To guarantee optimal comfort to you and your baby, this product features a detachable inner lining together with a distinctive and extremely secure vest design. The latter of which can also be able to furnish you with maximum mobility along with a hands-free utilization whenever you have to attend to an urgent task that can’t wait. Should your baby happen to fall asleep, perhaps due to the unparalleled comfort of this baby carrier, it features an integrated sun shield attachment. This particular feature is more than sufficient to effectively protect your child from the harsh glare of the sun, while they are resting.

The interior of this product possesses multiple compartments, where you can conveniently stash away must have baby items on your walk around town. Even better, in keeping with its militaristic aspect, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier comes with a completely adjustable front and back panel MOLLE webbing. This feature lets you tag along extra baby care accessories just as a professional soldier would carry his indispensable gear in the field of battle.

This baby carrier for men facilitates for both front facing in and front facing out carry position. The last of which is suitable for much older babies, essentially those who can be able to fully support the weight of their heads and torso. The biggest difference between this product and the others to be reviewed here is its mission critical attributes. As such, you will always be within easy reach of all you may need to comprehensively care for your child, especially in public areas. If you liked this item you can also check the Mission Critical reviews by happy fathers at MomDoesReviews and SurvivalLife.

2. QuoPro Tactical Baby Carrier

Tactical Baby Carrier

Price: $155.00 from


  • It is crafted with soft, washable cotton fabric for optimal comfort for both the baby and the dad
  • It is ergonomically constructed with a handy lumbar support system hat eases back pressure
  • It comes with multiple customizable compartments that are easy to reach in case you need to place or take out any of the items inside
  • It has an innovative customizable hood constructed with breathable fabric for comfort and coolness of the baby
  • It has an infant safety belt to keep the child in a safe position.
  • It’s easily washable, an important aspect for the baby’s health.
  • It has a flip up cover that’s excellent to use when the child falls asleep.
  • It only comes in the front facing in position.
  • It’s not suitable for older babies when compared to other carriers.

This is, without the doubt, one of the very best baby carrier for dad you could decide to purchase for your babywearing requirements and inclinations. It has been crafted from a soft, washable cotton fabric. This obviously guarantees that both you and your beloved little one can access optimal comfort whenever you use it. The QUOKKAJOY QuoPro Tactical Baby Carrier incorporates a highly ergonomic design and even construction. This is mainly brought about by its handy lumbar support system. This lumbar support has been expressly designed and constructed to effectually ease the intense pressure exerted on your back when you engage in babywearing.

It also, like the very best varieties of these products, promotes an intimate bonding process between the father and child in a convenient and hassle-free way. While also speeding up your baby’s physical and psychological development. When it comes to the proper storage of your child’s essential care items, this baby carrier for men comes with multiple customizable compartments. These storage compartments are also within easy reach whenever you wish to take out anything you might stand in need of.

To fully enhance the comfort of your child, this product features a completely customizable hood. This highly innovative feature can comprehensively shield their exposure to the elements such as the sun’s harsh glare whenever you deem it fit. It is also important to mention that this given hood has been constructed from a totally breathable fabric in order to keep your baby cool and comfortable at all times. Finally, what makes this baby carrier stand out from all the rest that will be reviewed in this article, is the military tactical Multicam black colors of its exterior fabric.

3. Tactical Dad Packs

Tactical Dad Packs

Price: $129.95 from


  • It is made of a heavy-duty 600 Denier polyester material
  • It comes with a waist belt that aids in the mobility of the tactical dad pack
  • It has a main storage compartment with internal mesh pockets
  • It also has 2 front zippered pockets, a zippered mid pouch with an internal pocket, and a bottle pouch with an insulated lining to keep the bottle warm
  • It comes with some really cool badges to give it a tactical dad pack edge
  • It comes with 2 bottle holders – a practical attachment since the father can’t breastfeed.
  • It comes with cool accessories such as badges.
  • It has a quick-release sternum strap for easy removal.
  • It’s considered small by some people.

The Tactical Dad Packs happens to be one of the extremely rugged and highly durable manly diaper bags you could ever find in the market. Its ruggedness is underscored by the tough heavy-duty 600 Denier polyester exterior fabric. This naturally makes it an excellent alternative to the pastel colored traditional diaper bags you would not be caught carrying in public. While certainly been the epitome of ruggedness, this product yet integrates an astonishing ergonomic design and construction.It comes with well padded and fully customizable shoulder straps, which can significantly lessen the pressure exerted on your shoulders and back while babywearing. Not to mention an integrated waist belt that also takes off some of the weight of your child. Together, these shoulder straps and the waist belt can also proffer you with a mobility which even a Thundercat would definitely envy. As for storage, the Tactical Dad Packs has you totally sorted out.This tactical baby gear comes with the main storage compartment that integrates internal mesh pockets. There are also 2 front zippered pockets along with a zippered mid pouch, which has an internal pocket. Also, this manly diaper bag sports a bottle pouch that integrates an insulated lining, the better to maintain the temperature of your child’s feeding bottle. What really differentiates this product from the others which will be reviewed here, is its uncanny likeness to a professional soldier or a covert operative’s tactical bag. It even features 3 separate badges, one of the USA flag, a Dad On Diaper Duty (D.O.D.D) badge and a daddy badge.

4. Tactical Baby Gear Pack 2.0 with Changing Mat

Tactical Baby Gear Day Pack

Price: $135.00 from


  • This diaper bag comes with a heavy-duty MOLLE wedding, similar to a professional soldier bag
  • It has one large compartment for storage of baby items as well as several side pockets
  • It has shoulder straps that are ingeniously contoured to fit the wearers form for a perfect fit
  • Its inner compartments are well organized using a 3-tiered method as well as 2 exterior side sleeve pockets
  • It comes with a baby gear mat and a 2.5-liter hydration bladder with a bite valve for the baby
  • It has the manly aesthetic that’s ideal for dads.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, which gives it long life.
  • Some dads find it small with less storage space than a typical backpack.

At last here is a diaper bag that oozes masculinity. It comes with a big main compartment, which by the way, integrates a heavy-duty MOLLE webbing, just as a professional soldier’s bag would. In this main compartment, you can be able to stow away the largest pieces of your must-have baby care gear. There are also multiple side pockets that will comfortably accommodate all other extras you may stand in need of in your field deployment.

As with all the finest varieties of these manly diaper bags, this one incorporates a remarkably ergonomic construction. To which end, its shoulder straps have been ingeniously contoured to fit the wearer’s form. The back of this product also integrates an invaluable closed cell foam padding, to lessen its weight when you carry it. Additionally, it comes with a totally detachable waist strap that has been designed to alleviate the overall pressure exerted on your shoulders when you wear it.When it comes to the internal organization of its compartments, it features a 3 tiered organization. There are also 2 exterior slide sleeve pockets. The whole package includes a Tactical Baby Gear changing mat and a 2.5 L hydration bladder that comes with a bite valve for your baby immediate use. This diaper backpack stands out from the rest of the pack in that it is an exceptional tactical baby gear that all macho dads would adore.

5. Tactical Baby Military Style Gear and Changing Mat/Pad

Tactical Baby Gear Military Style

Price: $ 99.99 from


  • It’s made of rugged, durable, and water-repellent 600D material similar to military grade fabrics
  • It has one main compartment and 3 smaller integrated front pockets
  • It has a handle as well as a foam padded shoulder strap for reduced pressure
  • A unique aspect is that it comes with a foam padded changing mat
  • It’s practical because it comes with a changing mat.
  • Its shoulder patch is detachable making it versatile.
  • Its interior pockets are divided for organization.
  • It has the design of a traditional diaper bag

This is a one-of-a-kind manly diaper bag which will definitely appeal to any father who revels in taking his child with him on his walks about town. It has been crafted from an extremely rugged, durable and water- repelling 600D fabric that brings to mind military grade heavy-duty material. It sports a big main compartment that has 3 integrated front pockets. This product is also ergonomic and features foam padding on its removable shoulder strap. It also has exterior Velcro fields, where you can sew suitable macho patches. The whole package includes a foam padded changing mat cum pad. What differentiates it from the other products reviewed here is the deep military aspect it presents.

Find more information about the tactical baby carrier review in this video:

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