Surrogate Motherhood: What You Need to Know
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Surrogate Motherhood: What You Need to Know

calendarNovember 12, 2019

One of the most beautiful and important moments in the lives of couples is the moment when they get the news of a pregnancy, and the arrival of a new member of the family becomes a reality. While many couples are choosing not to have children, a large number of couples all over the world still consider this to be an essential part of their union.

Unfortunately, many couples end up suffering from fertility problems that may affect one or both of the parties involved. When this happens, there can be a large number of emotions that will be very difficult to handle. Guilt, anger and frustration are common effects after hearing news about fertility issues, but this is not the end of the journey and there are many options available.

Choosing to adopt

Some people may choose to adopt a child in this sort of circumstance, but this isn’t always the most optimal choice as many individuals prefer a biological child if there is any possibility. While adoption is a very noble and encouraged decision, there will always be people who prefer the idea of raising their own child. The good news for those individuals is that they can opt for a surrogate mother or egg donor service.

The process of surrogacy

A surrogate mother is not a complex procedure, but it is a complex process. A surrogate mother is basically allowing her uterus to be used as the incubator of an embryo that comes from another individual or couple. This means that the surrogate mother is going to be carrying a normal pregnancy, with the difference that she will not be keeping the child once she gives birth.

There are several options when it comes to surrogacy, but the most common is the standard surrogacy process with IVF (in German - leihmutterschaft) which stands for In Vitro fertilization. This process requires that the eggs from the mother and the sperm of the father are used in order to place an embryo in the surrogate mother’s uterus. The full package for this service goes for 22,650 € and you can find details at the mother surrogate website.

Other surrogate services include:

  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Take Home Baby
  • Surrogate Motherhood for Single
  • Egg Donation
  • VIP surrogate mother

Application process

A surrogate mother is going to need to fill out an application that asks about her lifestyle, past pregnancies, medical history and work history. Once this process ends, they will be matched with parents depending on several factors. The surrogate mother will need to take several health tests in order to determine if she is going to be eligible for this procedure, some of which may include a general blood test, psychological testing and anything else that may be required for their specific needs.

Parents are also going to need to get proper tests done in order to determine which procedure is going to be optimal for their needs. This is the reason why all parties involved need to go through several stages before the actual surrogacy can begin. Being able to choose a good staff of doctors and counselors for this process is going to be very important.

Taking care of the surrogate mother

The expecting parents are usually going to agree to handle all of the expenses related to the surrogate mother’s expected 9-month pregnancy process, but in other cases, they may also want the surrogate mother to live with them. There are some cases when this is going to be something that they decide together when they agree to start this process.

If this is all too complicated and overwhelming, people can always hire services that can guide them through this process. It’s very important to be properly documented on every detail regarding the surrogacy before you make a decision.

Possible problems with surrogacy

Legal issues

While surrogacy is legal in many countries around the world, there are some places where this is not a practice that is approved. This is not a problem once you consult the local laws in your area, and you can always travel to a location where this is a legal practice in order to get this process done, but you need to be aware of local laws and any specific requirements before you get started.

Emotional issues

Surrogate mothers are usually more than willing to carry a child that they are going to have to give up at some point in the future, but there have been some cases when the surrogate mother has a change of heart and decides that she wants to keep the baby.

Most surrogacy procedures come with legal contracts, but there have been cases when the surrogate mother will breach the contract and this can create setbacks, not to mention that it becomes a very stressful situation for all parties involved.

Medical issues

It’s important to remember that a surrogate mother is going to have to experience the same level of risks and possible complications as any healthy pregnant woman. In some cases, the pregnancy may go wrong and there could be a miscarriage, but the ideal surrogate procedure is going to include plenty of testing in order to ensure that the surrogate mother is in optimal condition for this process to begin.

Ideally, the surrogate mother should be in perfect health, and it is never recommended that the surrogacy procedure begins if there are any health issues that may raise concern for the doctors.

Final thoughts

Those who want to participate in the process of surrogacy need to be aware of every aspect related to this service. The responsivity of carrying a child for another individual or couple is huge, and the responsibility or becoming a parent and raising a child is just as important.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the basics regarding this process and this is going to help you decide if surrogacy is going to be an ideal choice for your situation. Surrogacy can be an amazing experience as long as the process is done respectfully and carefully.

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