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Which Are the Best Sleep Positions During Pregnancy?

calendarSeptember 07, 2016

How to sleep when pregnant

Sleeping well when you are pregnant is a huge challenge. Feeling comfortable at night is sometimes a mission impossible. You usually need to try a few sleeping positions before you find the best way to sleep without your back aching and your legs cramping. There is one more important thing to consider: you need to choose one of the sleep positions which are safe for your baby.

Is It Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach?

Sleeping on stomach while pregnant is a bad idea after the fifth month of pregnancy. It is not healthy for the baby and also you will find this quite uncomfortable and definitely not the best sleeping position.

Sleeping on Back While Pregnant

This is also not the best position to sleep when you are pregnant. You should not sleep in this position after Week 16 of pregnancy. Continuous lying on back while pregnant might cause you low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, edema, kidney problems and others. While pregnant, sleeping on your back could even stop the deliveries of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

What is the Best Position to Sleep?

If you must not lie on your stomach or back, then how to sleep when pregnant? The recommended sleep position for pregnant women is on your side — preferably the left one. This ensures a maximum blood flow for you and the baby. So, do not try to find a comfortable way how to sleep on your back and just turn on your left side. Thus, you have the best chances to take a nice sleep. If you wake up and find yourself in another position, just lie again on your left side.

Safe Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

After the fifth month of your pregnancy, it is no longer safe for your baby to sleep on your back. Also, you might find it harder to breathe while lying in this position. When lying on your stomach, it will press on your expanding uterus and you will feel quite uncomfortable. The pregnancy sleeping positions on one side are the best for you and the baby. Side sleeping is now safest for your baby and comfortable enough while your abdomen is growing.

Sleeping on the Left Side When Pregnant

Lying on back while pregnant

Sleeping on your left side is recommended by the experts. This position improves circulation and helps the baby receive nutrients through your blood. Sleeping like this also keeps your expanding body weight from pushing down too hard the liver. This is also the best way to sleep with back pain.

Sleeping on the right side is also safe enough but lying on the left side is the best option among the pregnant sleeping positions.

What Is the Best Way to Sleep when Pregnant?

The following tips will help you feel more comfortable while sleeping and resting and will protect your baby: 

Ensure yourself more belly and back support: put a pregnancy sleep pillow under your belly or between the knees. This will help you stand on your side while sleeping. With the pillow you will not be able to roll on your stomach or back. If you feel breathless, put the pillow on your side. This will raise your chest and help you breathe more easily.

In case you feel heartburn, you need to put the head of the bed a few inches higher with the help of books or blocks. Thus, the acids will stay in your stomach, rather than reaching the esophagus and causing unpleasant feelings.

What is the Best Way to Sleep?

The following tips will guarantee you more comfort through the night. Thus, you will be able to have a good rest and to regain your energy.

  • No food and drinks before going to bed – although you might feel constantly hungry as a pregnancy symptom, you should not eat or drink anything, at least, two hours before going to bed. This will help you feel much more comfortable and avoid stomach problems.
  • Lie on your left side - as already mentioned, this is the best among the sleeping positions during pregnancy. It is safe for the baby and comfortable for you.
  • Try to stay calm - if you have problems falling asleep, do not stay in your bed and lose your nerves while trying to fall asleep. You would better get up and do something that will make you feel relaxed or something really boring. When you feel sleepy, go back to your bed.
  • Your bed needs to be really comfortable – your mattress has to ensure enough support to your back. If you feel back pain or you have sore muscles, you should try to add a mattress pad.
  • Have regular naps – if you have this opportunity, have naps often but make them short - no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, if you let your body enter the stage of deep sleep, then it will be harder for you to wake up and will quite sleepy. Get up, go around, do some activity and then you can have another nap a little later in the day.
  • Sleep is a cool room - the body temperature increases during pregnancy. So, you will sleep better in a cooler room. Be sure to open the window for a while before going to bed. Thus, you have enough oxygen in the room which is an important condition for a good rest.
  • Do not work in your bed - If you turn your bed into a workplace, it will be hard for you to have rest. You will be constantly thinking about your tasks and will not feel relaxed. Your brain has to accept that your bed is only for rest, so let it get used to this idea.
  • Keep your phone away - your restroom has to be quiet and dark. So, keep any source of a noise, distraction or an artificial light away from you when you try to have rest. You may also use sleep blinders if this will help you feel relaxed and fall asleep.
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