Sinus Infection While Pregnant: Are There Home Remedies?
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Sinus Infection While Pregnant: Are There Home Remedies?

calendarMarch 14, 2017
It will make you hard to breathe through your nose even if you are not really sick. But good thing is that even if you are sick, most of the infections just go away in time. An essential thing is that you must find out if your signs are brought about by pregnancy or it is real because of the infection. You must discuss this with your doctor, so you must be guided accordingly.

Tips for Women Who Suffers from Headache Due to Congestion During Pregnancy

If you are just like other women who suffers from headache while having sinus infection, there are medicines to relieve it, however, Tylenol is commonly prescribed for pregnant women for pains. You can also try changing your lifestyle and take a rest. If you are pregnant, the kind of medicine that you may take might be restricted and may affect the growth of your baby.

You must also take a rest and step back from stressful activities. Emotional factors like stress can add up to your burden. When the sinus infection is healed, your headache will be relieved as well.

How to Treat Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy?

  1. If the symptoms are just associated with pregnancy, you can just use saline drops or you can run a humidifier to help you feel comfortable and at ease at home. These are some of the treatments that can help if you are sick and suffer from sinusitis, but you must wait, because there is always an exception to the rule.
  2. If your sick feeling is brought about by bacterial infection with fever and yellowish or greenish mucus, you need to let your doctor know about it, because your doctor may give you antibiotics meant for pregnant women.
  3. Before embracing the idea that medications to take can help you, regardless if it is just for nasal congestion, you have to ask your doctor if it is safe for you. Sudafed, as well as Actifed, are safe to use for pregnant women, but not for long. Pregnant women are always tempted to take a medicine such as nasal decongestant to alleviate the symptoms and to ease their burden.
  4. On the other hand, even if there are certain medicines that are safe for pregnant women, there are commonly used ones that are not safe to use. You can also find natural ways to get rid of sinusitis and they are just as efficient in making you feel well and recover soon.

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