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15+ Signs He Wants to Marry You - Is He Planning to Tie Knot?

calendarMay 30, 2017

Woman have very strong instincts and can usually sense what their partner is up to. If you have been in a long term relationship and you are wondering if your partner might be entertaining the idea of marriage, then I would be happy to tell you some signs that you should look out for. There are several signs that will tell you if he is thinking about getting married. Below is a list of over fifteen signs he wants to marry you. Check them out!

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1. He is making plans for the future with you

If your man brings up future plans with you then this is an indication that he wants you to be a part of his future. Has he started to look at houses with you? Well, if this is the case then I am happy to let you know that this is a very good sign. A man doesn't usually buy a house with a girl that he is not serious about and if he is searching for a house with you then perhaps he wants to live in this house with you. I would be very excited if I was in your position!

If he told you explicitly that he wants to live with you then you can look for a proposal after. When a man volunteers to share his home with you then this is a very big deal! If he wants you to move in because he wants both of you to spend more time together then this is a clear indication that he is thinking about spending the rest of his life with you. I can hear wedding bells ringing in the air! Do you hear them?

Another sign that he is planning for the future with you is when he talks about having children together. This is another big deal! As a matter of fact, it is even a bigger deal. If your man continuously brings up the fact that he wants to be a father or if he talks about how much of an excellent mother you are going to be then it is clear that he wants to start a family with you. And it doesn't get better than that!

2. He invites you to every occasion

If this man of yours asks you to accompany him to special events or on special occasions then it usually means that you play a big role in his life. Men who are not serious about their girlfriend will not invite her to every event or occasion that he is attending. These events usually include family dinner, business dinner, etc. So if he is serious about you and he plans to keep you around for a very long time then he will take you everywhere that he can. Soon you too will be able to talk marriage.

3. He open up to you

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I know exactly what you are asking yourself. Does he want to marry me? Well, let us see! If your man opens up to you then this is another indication that he wants you to be his wife. When your guy becomes vulnerable with you, then this is usually a great sign. If he becomes vulnerable he will begin to speak to you about his feelings, embarrassing moments in his life and other things that are sensitive to him.

When you see that your man let his guards down then you must know that you are in for big things with him. Being open means that your man trusts you and value your opinion. At this stage of your relationship, you become closer and stronger together as a couple. Are you ready for marriage? If not, then it is time to get ready!

4. He stays by your side during the hard times

No relationship is all sunshine but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. There will be many storms in your relationship. Is your man one who sticks around in the roughest and toughest of times? If your guy does not run away when the sky becomes gray then rest assured that he will be around on your wedding day. I bet you are asking, when will he propose? Not to worry! He will soon!

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5. He invests in your future

If your man invests in your future then I put it to you that he wants to have you in his life for a long time.

He will probably offer to help you buy a car or to pay your loans. He will make investments that will benefit both of you in the future. He will help and encourage you to get a higher education. He will invest his time, love and effort in your relationship. Some men may even ask for your input when they are making big purchases, this is a good indication that he wants both of you to enjoy whatever he is buying. A man who wants to marry you will invest in you. End of story!

6. He is Punctual

If your man is always on time, then this is a clear sign that he is deeply and truly into you. A man who is serious about a relationship never keeps his woman waiting. If he happens to be running late then he will let you know but he won't ever leave you hanging. A punctual man, a man who respects you and refuses to keep you waiting is a man who is serious about you and serious about a relationship with you. Is he thinking about marriage? Well, we shall see!

7. He cannot get enough of you

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A man who cannot get enough of you wants you to be by his side every time. He will want to take you to special events or on many vacations. He will want you to accompany him to parties or even the supermarket. He will miss you even if you are out of sight for a very short time. When he makes plans with you, he will ensure that he follows through. And nothing will get in his way when he makes time for you.

Let's look at, how to tell if he wants to marry you! If your man keeps choosing you over his buddies, his family and other things that are important to him then this is another indication that he can't get enough of you. A man who is hooked on you will also call and text you a lot throughout the day and he will put pictures of you everywhere. If you realize that your boyfriend cannot get enough of you then you should expect that wedding ring soon and very soon!

8. There is an increase in the number of times that he touches you

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Another sign that your man wants to marry you is when you see that there is an increase in touch. You will find that he is always touching you and you will almost feel like you are dating all over again. He will slide his finger down your arms when you are making dinner or he will kiss your neck and massage your shoulders when you are working. Look out for all these signs. He may propose to you soon!

9. He only sees you

A man who wants to marry you will only have eyes for you. He will not have eyes for any other women and he will never try to make you feel uncomfortable or jealous. His eyes will always be on you even when hundreds of other beautiful women are in the room. He will remind you every day, by his words and actions how special you are to him.

10. He said that he wants to marry you

If he said "I want to get married to you" then it means that he wants to marry you. Men do not usually joke about these things when they say stuff like this it is exactly what they mean. So if he says that he will marry you he will someday. Take my word for it!

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11. He plans vacations with you

Does your man plan vacations with you? Well, if he does then make a note that this is a sign that he has taken the relationship with you very seriously. If you have been in a relationship with him for a while and everything is going fine then you should expect a marriage proposal anytime. Maybe he is buttering you up just like a turkey so that he can put you in the marriage oven! Get ready queen!

12. He introduces you to everyone he knows

Does he introduce you to important people in his life? His families, his friends or even his boss or coworkers? Well, I am happy to hear that, because this is another big sign that he wants to make you his wife. If he feels proud to have you as a girlfriend and he wants everyone to know that you both are an item then that is a clear indication that he is committed to the relationship and he wants it to work.

I know what you want to ask. "Will he marry me?" The answer is yes! Soon he will be on his knees! I promise! Are you ready for it?

13. He takes you to meet his family and he want to meet yours

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If a guy introduces you to his parents and the rest of his family then this is a sign that he is serious about you. A man will not introduce you to his parents unless he really wants to be in a long-lasting relationship with you. If he decides that he wants to meet your parents and your family and he tries to get along with them then no questions asked. He wants a life with you and he wants the relationship to work. Is he thinking about marriage? Yes, he is!

14. He tries to resolve any conflict between you

When a couple wants to reach a mutual resolution for a conflict then some amount of compromising must take place. If he makes every effort to sit down with you and talk about conflicts when they arise then he might be the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with and he might be the man that wants to spend the rest of his life with you. When the going gets tough the man for you will not run he will stick around and fight for the relationship.

You can use these same situations to know how he will respond to conflicts later (down the road) in the relationship. Pay keen attention to how your man resolves conflicts. You will thank me later.

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15. He acts like a husband

If your boyfriend is already acting like he is your husband, then sooner or later he is going to pop the question. Pay special attention to how much he is involved in your life. Does he guide you, does he protect you, and is he doing all of the things listed above and more?

16. He includes you in big decisions

If your boyfriend makes sure that you are included in his big decisions then this is a sign that marriage is up his sleeve. When a man includes you in big decisions it shows that he values your ideas and your opinions. If he didn't care about what you think then he wouldn't have included you at all. Maybe, he will talk about marriage with you soon.

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17. He tells you that you are his soul mate

Some men will use some deep love quotes and some smooth pickup lines to make a girl believe that she is the love of his life. But, a man that might truly love you will say these same things. A lady can know if her partner is being honest and real when he speaks by his facial expression and the look in his eyes when he speaks. This is another sign that he wants you to be his wife.

18. He trusts you with all his heart

A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want but it won't go anywhere. If he trusts you with all his heart then you are on your way to a successful and happy relationship. If he says that he trusts you then he will trust you without thinking twice. This man will talk to you about matters in his life and he will trust your decisions no matter what. When a man trusts his girlfriend he will want to make her his wife.

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So there you have them! Eighteen signs that he wants to marry you. I hope that your man will pop the question to you very soon and a wish you a long and fruitful relationship.

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