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30+ Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend - Is This Guy Into You?

calendarMay 15, 2017

Having a crush on someone is one of the most exciting feelings one could have. The thought of potentially being in a relationship with a cute guy is enough to send any smitten girl into a tizzy. However, the uncertainty over whether he will like you back or not can be nerve-wracking. To help you find out, here are a few signs he likes you more than a friend.

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1. He calls you often

Usually, people call each other only when they require something or to catch up after a long time. If a guy wants to be more than friends with you, though, he’ll want to talk to you as much as he can. Since it isn't physically possible for him to be with you all the time, he’ll call to make up for it. A good indication is when he's struggling to find a topic to talk about. That means he just wants to hear you talk to him.

2. He shows interest in your life

While talking, most people aren't really interested in what the other person is saying. They're simply waiting for their turn to speak and be heard. However, when a guy is into you, he’ll pay attention to each and every word you say. The intensity of his gaze should quite effectively show you how much he's concentrating.

3. He asks your friends what you think about him

This is another good indicator that he wants more than friendship. Before asking you out, or trying to take your relationship to the next level, he’ll try to find out what you think about him and what your feelings towards him are. To get this information, he’ll ask your friends. A guy usually doesn't care about a girl's opinion of him unless he likes her.

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4. He offers to help you

When a guy is interested in you, he’ll jump at every opportunity to be with you. That means that if he catches a hint that you're facing some problems or may need help, he’ll offer to assist you right away. He’ll also agree to help you with anything immediately if you ask him to. This shows that he cares about you and your well-being.

5. Change in behavior

One of the ways of how to tell if someone likes you is to see how they behave when they're with you. It isn't unusual for boys to change their behavior when they're with a girl they like or have a crush on. They'll be more protective of you and be more caring and generous towards you. You can also compare how he treats you with respect to other women.

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6. He writes poems for you

This one is a dead giveaway. Poems, like other forms of literature, lend themselves very well to a romantic pursuit. If he writes for you, it means that he deeply cares about you. You can come to this conclusion regardless of the content and theme of the poem. It goes as Pablo Neruda said, "To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life."

7. He asks his friends

Unlike women, men are very open with their fellow male friends. They share all their secrets and feelings with each other.

You can take advantage of this fact to find out if he likes you by asking one of his close friends. One thing to keep in mind is that the friend will most likely inform your crush if he likes you. However, if he doesn't, you can be pretty sure that the friend will respect your privacy.

8. He gives you gifts

Guys want to make the girls they like feel special. One of the ways they do this is by gifting things that women stereotypically like. By giving gifts, a guy wants to communicate to you that you are worth spending his hard-earned money on. Typical gifts that guys give that signify romantic interest are chocolates, expensive wine, stuffed toys, etc.

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9. He makes cakes for you

Most people love cake. Any guy that knows how to bake a decent cake would want to use it to attract a girl. Cake is special in a way, since it's not every day that we slice up a well-decorated cake. It's usually reserved for special occasions. Hence, by making a cake for you on your birthday, for example, he wants to tell you that you are special to him.

10. He asks you out

It's pretty normal for friends, male or female, to want to make plans with you to hang out. However, these are pretty limited in scope if it's just the two of you. In contrast, one of the signs someone likes you is that he will elaborately plan every part of your outing together so that you enjoy your time with him to the fullest.

11. He takes you to a posh restaurant

Dining at a posh restaurant is an expensive affair for most people. It takes a lot of saving to be able to afford a meal at a fancy place. Friends usually invite each other for dinner at cheap or affordable places. Hence, it can be said, without a doubt, that your best friend likes you if he treats you to a lavish dinner.

Virginia Woolf's words, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" , are especially apt.

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12. He gets jealous of your guy friends

When a man likes you, he wouldn't want to see you dating anyone but himself. Men can get quite jealous when they see their crush getting close to another guy. One of the most obvious signs he's jealous is when he asks you about the man he saw you with and really prods you to understand what your relationship with him is.

13. He describes you with admiration

This is one of the simplest ways of how to know if your friend likes you. For this method, you will require the help of a friend or two. The basic idea is that your friends will ask the boy you like what he thinks about you, when you're not present. With you not there, he’ll feel more comfortable describing what he likes about you. If you're lucky he might even admit that he has a strong romantic interest in you.

14. He always tries to look at you

Men can't get enough of the women they like. They dream about them and want to be with them. If a guy likes you, he’ll try to look at you and admire you with his eyes as much as he can without making you feel uncomfortable. This results in short and quick glances that he makes to look at you.

15. He is singing romantic songs

Music is something everyone enjoys thoroughly. People tend to have diverse tastes and enjoy many different genres. This makes it all the more suspicious if the only songs that a guy sings to you are romantic in nature. It's possible that he could be doing this unconsciously as he feels romantic with you or consciously to give you a subtle hint.

16. He tells you

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If a guy really likes you with all his heart and can't bear to see you with someone else, he’ll tell you himself how much you mean to him. This is a far shot if you haven't given him any hints that you're into him since he wouldn't want to risk the chance of rejection. However, if you've made your interest in him clear, there's no reason not to expect that he won't tell you he likes you.

There's nothing better than hearing, "I want to be more than friends" from the guy you like.

17. He gets nervous around you

Guys have a hard time hiding their feelings if they're genuine and strong. One of the ways this manifests is nervousness.

This is especially true for guys that are shy and introverted. They get nervous because they're concerned about what you think of them. Some of the most noticeable symptoms of nervousness are shivering, inability to maintain eye-contact, and slight perspiration.

18. He buys you flowers

Giving flowers to a woman when meeting her is a thoughtful and courteous gesture. The act can be viewed as having romantic intentions since it isn't common for people to give flowers when meeting anymore. You can be certain that he likes you if the flowers he gives are strongly associated with romance. Examples of these are Red roses, Violets, etc.

19. He compliments you incessantly

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You are almost perfect in the eyes of someone that likes you. A guy that likes you would rate every part of your body and personality positively. It's more than likely that he won't keep what he thinks of you to himself. You can come to the conclusion that you are more than a friend to him if you see that he always has something nice to say about you.

20. He knows your tastes and preferences

In the climate of today's busy world, people don't often have the time or energy to really get to know each other and find out what lies beneath the surface of the person. If someone goes on such an undertaking, it more than likely means that he likes you. The mental energy he spends on remembering your likes and interests should make you realize that you mean a lot to him.

21. He tries to keep body contact

Playfully touching you is one of the ways a guy communicates that he's interested in you. It usually means that he thinks you're cute and that he'd like to get to know you more. His touches can be quite subtle, so you'll need to be consciously aware if you want to pick up on his advances.

22. He imitates you

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It's said that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." This can't be truer than the case of a guy trying to impress you. In a bid to catch your fancy, a guy that likes you will show interest in many of the same things you like. This is so that he can get an opportunity to get to do these things with you.

23. He notices slight changes in you

A man that likes you will more often than not obsess over everything about you. From the way your hair moves in the wind to the way your dress drapes over your body, he's going to notice it all Therefore, it's no surprise that one of the best ways to answer the question of how to know if someone likes you is by seeing if he can make out subtle differences in your appearance or way of speaking.

25. He deeply treasures the times you've spent together

Shared experiences are memories of the interesting times you've spent together. If you find that the guy you spent them with misses those moments more than usual and keeps talking about how he would like to share moments like that with you again in the future, it means that he really treasures every second that he spends with you and wants a more serious relationship with you.

26. He tries to be alone with you

Any sort of interaction is definitely more intimate when it's just the two of you. With no one else around, it's a lot easier to be comfortable and convey romantic feelings. Whenever he tries to find an excuse to be alone with you, he's trying to tell you that he wants you to be a part of his life in a bigger way.

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27. He's concerned about your safety

This is one of the signs he cares about you more than a friend. Most girls fail to pick up on this since they think that they're only trying to fulfill their duty of being a friend. However, most friends only stop to ask if you've reached home safely or not. A person who truly cares about you would be much more concerned and try to enforce your safety.

28. He asks about your future

When a guy is seriously in love and wants to be in a meaningful relationship with you, he’ll want to know whether you'll be there with him or not.

People often move to other cities or countries to further their education or careers. This results in a breaking of bonds with people they care about. It's only natural for a guy that likes you to be disappointed to learn that you are going away in the future.

29. He changes his appearance for you

Everyone knows that guys aren't very particular about their looks and the clothes they wear. However, all that changes when they find someone they like. From that point on, it's all about trying to appear as the best version of himself. If you notice him making a real effort to look more presentable when he's with you, it means you definitely have a strong effect on his heart.

30. Body language

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Body language is the most important aspect of non-verbal communication. It's more fun than saying things out, since there's a bit of ambiguity, which adds to the romantic tension. It also results in guys making unconscious efforts to make eye contact with the girl they want. A common sign that he likes you is that he tries to take up as much space as possible to draw your attention to him.

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