Top 10 Ring Sling Baby Carrier Reviews
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Top 10 Ring Sling Baby Carrier Reviews

calendarMarch 06, 2017

A ring sling baby carrier is specifically designed to assist parents to carry their babies in comfort and optimal safety. It carries out its function by significantly relieving the overall pressure that is exerted on the arms and also the back. Carrying a baby in these innovative products is now known as a babywearing. However, this is an age old practice that has been in use for centuries on end with civilizations from all of the world.

In the western sphere, babywearing has gone on to gain an unprecedented popularity in recent times. This can be attested largely to the growing influence of an attachment parenting enthusiasts that endorse such baby care practices.

What are the benefits of using a ring sling baby carrier?

Using the best ring slings for babies does present a wide variety of benefits. Let us now take a brief look at some of the most notable:

  • To begin with, these products can facilitate for easy and stress-free access. While wearing one, you will never find yourself obliged to utilize an elevator or even a ramp, unless it is absolutely necessary when you carry your child. Also, negotiating hiking trails, crowded stores or even public transportation becomes much easier and convenient.
  • Secondly, these products can enable you to use much lesser space whenever you move about or travel with your baby in tow. Unlike a tram, a ring sling baby carrier takes up considerably lesser space. It can if necessary even fit snugly into your purse or even a small bag.
  • Thirdly, these products can facilitate for skin to skin contact with your child wherever you go or whatever you do. Your baby will always be snugly situated next to your chest in optimal security. This naturally promotes bonding and convenient breastfeeding when necessary.
  • Fourthly,being in such close proximity with your child can also go a long way in fast tracking his or her development. While in this kind of baby carrier, your baby will be able to monitor you and can even learn language and non-verbal cues quickly in such positions. These items can, additionally, facilitate for a hands-free’ care of your child. This definitely means that you can perform mundane household chores without your baby getting in your way.
  • Finally, when you carry your baby for relatively long distances, you will be giving yourself an excellent physical workout.

Well, now that we have gone through their most notable benefits, let us now take a look at ring sling baby carrier reviews to ascertain the very finest of these products currently available in the market.

10 Ring Sling Baby Carriers in 2017
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7 of 10
1.20 lbs
Free shiping
Top quality Sling Rings, easy to adjust, strong soft material
Higher price
Dimensions :
Bottom line:
Easy to use & comfortable and safe.
6 of 10
0.93 lbs
Free shiping
Sturdy material, classical design
Higher price, difficult to adjust
Dimensions :
73 x 32 x 0.1 inches
Bottom line:
CPSC compliant & comfortable and grippy.
10 of 10
0.87 lbs
Free shiping
Easy to adjust, machine washable
The material is long, the rings are not big enough
Dimensions :
12.6 x 9.1 x 8.7 inches
Bottom line:
Super light & tough.
9 of 10
1.20 lbs
Free shiping
Fashionable, user-friendly
Difficult to adjust, the material is not soft enough
Dimensions :
9.5 x 6.8 x 3.7 inches
Bottom line:
Stylish & handy.
8 of 10
0.62 lbs
Free shiping
Great design, 100% Money Back guarantee in case of problems
The fabrics is too slippery
Dimensions :
9.6 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches
Bottom line:
Safety, flexibility & adjustability
7 of 10
0.75 lbs
Free shiping
Stylish design, BPA and Lead-FREE, machine-washable
It may cause back pain in case of long-term usage
Dimensions :
78 x 28 x 1 inches
Bottom line:
Easy to put on and take off & a perfect quality.
10 of 10
0.93 lbs
Free shiping
Modern design, BPA and Lead-FREE, 100% cotton
The instructional manual is absent
Dimensions :
13.2 x 10 x 1.5 inches
Bottom line:
An excellent quality & elasticity.
5 of 10
0.56 lbs
Free shiping
Cheap, lightly padded, 100% polyester
It is not enough convenient
Dimensions :
8 x 2 x 7 inches
Bottom line:
One size fits all & Dry quickly.
9 of 10
1.10 lbs
Free shiping
A stylish print, 2 layers of cotton fabrics, strong rings
The tail is big and not suitable
Dimensions :
9.8 x 6.2 x 1.7 inches
Bottom line:
4 different positions & user-friendly
7 of 10
0.50 lbs
Free shiping
A waterproof and breathable material, a metal ring, deep pocket
Some difficulties in usage, the rings are made of the plastic material
Dimensions :
78 x 34 x 79 inches
Bottom line:
A pleasant price & a practical fabrics & easy to use.

1. Tula Ring Sling Carrier - Migaloo Happy

Tula Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Price: $135.00 from


  • The fabrics is strong, but soft
  • An extremely versatile fit is included
  • The recommended weight range is 8-35 pounds
  • It is very handy and provides you with freedom

  • It’s made of exceptionally strong yet soft material which is both safe and comfortable for the baby.
  • It’s very versatile to fit any sized adult.
  • It has a tail that enables privacy during breastfeeding.
  • It enables you to do various tasks while you carry the baby.
  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • The fabric may look different in person, for example, more woven than jersey fabric.

This given product has been crafted from a remarkable blend of cotton and Tencel. The latter happens to be a fiber which has been crafted from the naturally grown pulp of eucalyptus trees. It is highly noted for being exceptionally strong, but still elegantly soft. Tencel possesses astonishing breathability as well as optimal moisture control properties.This baby carrier also comes with a very versatile fit.

To this end, even a plus size individual can be able to achieve a perfect fit and still leave behind a short a tail. The tail is the excess fabric that lies past the rings of these products.The Tula ring sling - Migaloo Happy (S/M) distinguishes itself from the rest of the baby carriers that will be reviewed here in that it can be especially ideal for newborns. It's strong, yet soft cotton and Tencel material can allow your newborn child to remain comfy and secure at all times. This is regardless of whatever activity you might be engaged in.

2. Maya Wrap ComfortFit Ring Sling Carrier

Maya Wrap ComfortFit Ring Sling & Baby Carrier

Price: $94.95 from


  • It wears newborns (at least 8lbs) and toddlers (at most 35lbs) in a variety of positions
  • Made of 100% handloomed cotton
  • It is machine – washable
  • It comes with an instructional DVD
  • Lead and Phthalate Free
  • It’s designed for skin to skin contact meaning that the mother can breastfeed comfortably and privately.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • It comes with a handy pocket where you can fit in other baby products.
  • It’s perfect for babies with colic because it provides a vertical position for the baby.
  • It’s comfortable for adults of any size.
  • It’s difficult to adjust.
  • If the baby is too heavy, it may put some strain on their thighs.

This ring sling baby carrier is certainly one of the finest you could ever settle for. It comes in a twilight dark fabric which takes on a jeweled toned blue hue. Even better, this baby carrier has been specifically designed to promote bonding between a mother and her beloved child.

Like all the best varieties of these products, the Maya wrap comfortfit ring sling is also ideal for fast tracking your baby’s developmental progress. With these two issues in mind, it can be worn to achieve skin to skin contact between the mother and her child. This conveniently facilitates for discreet breastfeeding as well as milk letdown whenever necessary.

It is crafted from a 100% machine washable cotton material. While its rails have been purposely left unpadded to allow for effortless customization for that perfect fit. This sling can be used for virtually all kinds of caregivers as it can comfortably fit multiple body parts. It also comes with a handy pocket where you can stash away items like diapers, wipes or even your keys. This obviously makes it an ideal a grab and go baby carrier.

What distinguishes the Maya wrap comfortfit ring sling from all the other products reviewed here is its exceptional compatibility with colicky babies. While you wear it, your baby cries less and its vertical position can significantly assist with any reflux symptoms your child experiences. Each of these items come with an instructional DVD. Through this product’s official website ,you can also be able to obtain in-depth tutorials on how to use it in the right manner.

3. Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Carrier

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

Price: $69.99 from


  • It is provided in 4 colors
  • Pretty patented pocket design
  • Made from 100% Pima cotton
  • Breathable and allergy free.
  • It supports up to 50 kgs of weight

  • It is customizable allowing both the adult and the baby to enjoy optimum comfort.
  • It distributes weight well between the back and shoulders reducing long term strain.
  • It has a lot of tail fabric providing you with the privacy needed when breastfeeding.
  • It has a double ring design meaning you never have to worry about setting it up for wear.
  • It enables you to carry the baby in multiple positions.
  • The fabric is really long and may feel bulky.
  • The rings are small making adjustment a little difficult.

This happens to be an all-around baby carrier, making it an excellent example of the best ring sling baby carrier you could ever find in the market. It features the most perfect fit. While it's totally customizable shape provides optimal comfort and snugness for your baby when you utilize it. It has been especially designed to distribute virtually all of your child’s weight on your back and your shoulders. It is needless to point out that this product is in an excellent position of facilitating for an optimal skin to skin bonding with your baby.

Not to mention providing you with maximum privacy whenever you need to breastfeed your child while in public. Your arm will be fully supported on such occasions by this product to lend it the function of a breastfeeding pillow. Additionally, its ample tail fabric can function as an adequate cover to keep probing eyes from infringing on you and your baby’s privacy while breastfeeding. On the other hand, this baby carrier can permit you to perform your household chores without your child getting in your way.

Plus you will never have to be anxious about whether he or she is positioned in a safe posture or if they are breathing appropriately. It integrates a double ring design which ensures there is no need for a setup every time you wear it. While also allowing you to execute rapid adjustments for babies or toddlers of all sizes.

The Mamaway baby ring sling has been crafted from a 100% lightweight cotton fabric. Its weight is very light so you can effortlessly tuck it away when you do not need. Lastly, what makes this product stand out from the others in these ring sling baby carrier reviews is the multiple positions you can carry your child. This includes the upright position, lying down position, front-facing position, hip position or even behind your back.

4. Ring Sling Carrier and Comfort Cloud

Ring Sling Carrier Fashionable and Comfortable Cloud

Price: $65.45 from


  • It is provided in two colors
  • It is perfect either for newborns or for the toddlers
  • It features comfortable attributes
  • This ring sling carrier works for both small babies and toddlers.
  • It’s stylishly designed with shoulder gathers.
  • It’s customizable because it comes with color-coded railing.
  • This ring sling carrier is both an excellent baby carrier and a fashionable item to wear.
  • The fabric is thick and may be difficult to adjust.
  • Some people find the material rough.

This baby carrier can be ideal for both newborn babies and even toddlers. It comes with a gathered shoulder for a more stylish appearance. It also features relatively big aluminum rings along with a color-coded railing that facilitates for effortless customization.

With its trendy colors and comfortable attributes, this product stands out from the rest of those reviewed here for being extremely comfy and elegantly fashionable. The whole package includes in-depth user instructions together with important safety tips.

5. Lucky Baby Ring Sling with Breathable

Lucky Baby Ring Sling with Breathable

Price: $32.97 from


  • It is great for mums and dads
  • The great range of colors
  • It is designed for newborns and toddlers
  • Superlight, with a breathable mesh fabrics
  • The Lucky Baby Ring Sling has very good safety and security standards.
  • It’s ergonomically designed for safety and comfort.
  • It’s very easy to discern the top and bottom for easy wear.
  • It’s adjustable to fit perfectly on any size.
  • Some people find the fabric too slippery at the expense of being breathable.
  • The fabric may slip through the rings.

This ring sling baby carrier is easily distinguished from all those that will be reviewed in this article thanks to its top notch safety and security standards certifications. To start with, the international hip dysplasia institute has certified it as a “hip-healthy”.

As such, it can offer effective ergonomic and lumbar support. What this really means is that your child’s spinal cord and hips will always maintain their proper alignment when you use it.

Secondly, this product is CPSC standards compliant along with ASTM international baby standard certified. Furthermore, its top and bottom ends are easily discernible. This makes it infinitely easier for parents who are new to babywearing to adjust it for a perfect fit. When you purchase this baby carrier, extra usage information will be sent to via email.

6. Bibetts Pure Linen Ring Sling

Bibetts Pure Linen Ring Sling

Price: $42.99 from


  • It is made of 100% Linen
  • It meets the highest quality standards
  • It can be used for babies and toddlers
  • The item resists staining and sun fading
  • This ring sling baby carrier doesn’t fade or stain even when exposed to excessive amounts of sun.
  • It’s suitable for adults of different body sizes.
  • It has a long tail for privacy if you choose to breastfeed your child.
  • It’s firmly stitched around the shoulder meaning that the child is always safely held up.
  • Some people find it difficult to use.
  • It may cause back pain when worn over long periods of time.

This product has been crafted from an all-natural 100% linen material. Linen as you may be aware, can resist staining and fading even when exposed repeatedly to the sun’s glare. This fabric is also 3x stronger than standard cotton material.

This baby carrier integrates an extremely versatile fit and can be comfortably worn by different individuals of different sizes. Its long tail can come in handy when you wish to maintain maximum privacy while breastfeeding your child. It also comes with a pleated shoulder stitching. This shoulder works by effectively distributing your baby’s weight on your back and shoulders, which totally does away with a carry pains.

To make things even better, what makes this product stand out from the rest, is its triple shoulder stitching. This offers a firm guarantee that your child will always be safe when you carry them with this baby carrier.

7. Storchenwiege Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Storchenwiege Ring Sling 100% Woven Cotton Baby Carrier

Price: $92.00 from


  • 2 years Warranty
  • 6 colours are available
  • High-quality aluminium rings makes the item comfortable to wear
  • The fabrics is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for
  • This ring sling baby carrier has exceptional diagonal elasticity.
  • It has very comfortable to wear aluminium rings.
  • It doesn’t incur shrinkage or tension during washing and drying which makes it durable.
  • Some people find the fabric rough.
  • It doesn’t come with an instructional video which makes it difficult to use the first time.

This ring sling baby carrier comes from Germany and is crafted from 100% certified farm controlled biological cotton.

It incorporates an exceptionally excellent diagonal elasticity. This permits it to efficiently provide support to your child and envelope him or her just as a firm bandage would. It utilizes big, top quality aluminum rings, which are comfy to wear. While also allowing its folds to be immaculately arranged in delightful rings on your shoulder.

However, what makes this baby carrier to be distinguished among those reviewed here is that it can be washed and dried with minimal fiber shrinkage and tension.

8. KisKise Water Ring Sling Baby Carrier

KisKise Water Sling Ring Sling

Price: $9.99 from


  • A perfect breathability
  • The classic way to carry your kid
  • It is waterproof
  • It’s well padded on the shoulders which offers relief for when you carry the baby.
  • It provides good cushioning of the baby’s limbs.
  • It’s very breathable which is very good for the baby.
  • It is waterproof which keeps the baby dry even when immersed in water.
  • Some users do not find it comfortable.
  • The aluminium ring may not be very strong.

This instance of the best ring sling baby carrier currently available in the market has a lightly padded shoulder portion, which distributes your child’s weight on your midriff. While also making sure that you will never have to strain your neck when you wear it.

It also features lightly padded railings that offer optimal cushioning for your baby’s delicate limbs.Yet what makes it stand out from those reviewed here its 100% polyester jersey mesh fabric. This particular material provides it with a remarkable breathability. While at the same time, keeping this baby carrier’s fabric totally dry even when immersed in water.

Yet what makes it stand out from those reviewed here its 100% polyester jersey mesh fabric. This particular material provides it with a remarkable breathability. While at the same time, keeping this baby carrier’s fabric totally dry even when immersed in water.

9. Snuggy Baby Prestige Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Snuggy Baby Prestige Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Price: $55.00 from


  • A pleated customizable shoulder
  • The rings can support the weight of up to 250 lbs
  • The instructional DVD is included
  • 2-sides wonderful design
  • There is a deep secure pocket for newborns
  • It has an open tail that gives you privacy if you choose to breastfeed.
  • It’s capable of carrying heavy babies because it has strong and lightweight aluminium rings.
  • It gives you a variety of ways to carry the baby, four to be exact. These are: tummy to tummy, hip carry, kangaroo carry, and cradle position.
  • It has a customizable shoulder.
  • Some users find it uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time.
  • Some people find the open tail bulky.

This product has been crafted with 2 different layers of cotton fabric. This offers reinforced strength and maximum security to your child when you wear it. It also comes with an open tail, which can easily serve as an appropriate cover to preserve your modesty while you breastfeed your baby in public areas. You can also use this tail to shield your child from the harsh glare of the sun, high winds and even light rain.

This baby carrier has strong, but lightweight aluminum rings that can support a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs. This naturally makes this product to be highly suited to carry much larger babies and even toddlers. You can carry your child with the Snuggy baby prestige ring sling baby carrier in 4 different positions. These are the cradle position, tummy-to-tummy position, kangaroo carry position and finally the hip carry position.

What distinguishes this product among the rest in these ring sling baby carry reviews is it's pleated and totally customizable shoulder. This shoulder provides optimal comfort to both the mother and the child.

10. Breathable Baby Wrap Water Metal Ring Sling Carrier

Breathable Baby Wrap Water Metal Ring Sling Carrier

Price: $12.06 from


  • The carrying capacity of the sling is 8kg
  • It is provided in three colors
  • The material protects baby from the overheating in the summer time
  • The material is comfy and breathable
  • It is perfect for usage in the pool or on the beach
  • It’s breathable, which is good for the baby.
  • It’s waterproof which adds to the comfort of the baby.
  • The rings are crafted from a plastic material. This is more comfortable for the momr.
  • Some people find it very hot especially in hot climates.
  • It’s not very easy to use.

This ring sling baby carrier can effortlessly fashion a deep pocket for a much comfy fit that your child will certainly appreciate. It also facilitates for a firm grip on his or her legs. It can even eliminate overheating issues for both you and your child, which makes it ideal for hot weather.

Nevertheless, what makes its stand out from the rest of the pack in this article is its waterproof and highly breathable fabric. Not to forget the fact that its rings have been crafted from a plastic material.

Choose the best way to use a ring sling baby carrier in video below:

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