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100+ Good Questions to Ask a Girl - Let’s Find Out a Truth

calendarApril 03, 2017

What are questions to ask a girl is an important topic.The first conversation between two people is usually an icebreaker that sets the tone for getting to know each other. It’s from this first conversation that you can tell whether she is compatible with you or not.

Peppered with questions that investigate those all important criteria you may each have, these conversations seek to establish whether you are falling for a serial killer or your dream girl. In fact, the minute you see a girl you like, you’ll start to ask yourself or others around you simple questions about her; who is she, where is she from, do you know her, does she have a boyfriend? But given the opportunity to ask her about herself, what would inform your choice of questions?

It is important to cover all the crucial areas in you queries so that you don’t get in too deep only to realize you don’t see eye to eye on many things.

Depending on you, you can start with the deep questions and then relax and get flirty or vice versa. Here we will do the easy probing ones first so that we can build a rapport, then delve deep.

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