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Pregnancy milestones

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Pregnancy: 3 Life-Changing Trimesters

The length of a typical pregnancy is 40 to 42 weeks. It is very important for you and your doctor to have an accurate determination of your baby’s gestational age.

The “starting date” of your pregnancy is the first day of your last period. Using this date, you can determine your due date. Once you know your due date you can track your pregnancy through the trimesters.

First Trimester (Weeks 1 - 13)

The beginning stages of your pregnancy - the 1st trimester - is an exciting time, but it does come with challenges for some women. Your body will be experiencing many physical and hormonal changes and accompanying symptoms.

Often the very first symptom noticed by women is a missed period - which most often leads to the use of an at-home pregnancy test to verify the pregnancy. In the weeks following, women may begin to experience other symptoms such as:

Some women experience few symptoms or discomforts, while other may have to adjust their daily habits or routines to accommodate for some symptoms. For example,if you have tender breasts you have had to change the type of bra you wear or if you have morning sickness you may only be able to eat certain foods.

It is important to remember that every woman’s experience of pregnancy is unique. Even if you have been pregnant before you may notice new or different symptoms.

First Trimester
Second Trimester (Weeks 14 - 27)

For many women this part of pregnancy is the most enjoyable. You will begin to have a visible baby bump and may have the “baby glow” that so many people talk about. It also brings a sense of relief as the risk of miscarriage decrease as the weeks go on.

Your baby is growing rapidly at this stage weight up to 2 pounds at the end the second trimester. This rapid growth can cause new pregnancy symptoms to appear such as:

This trimester you will also notice an increase in your appetite and subsequent weight gain. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy, as your baby continues to grow. You can expect to gain around 1 pound a week during the second trimester - totaling 14 lbs. Your doctor will track your weight gain and alert you to any problems
Second Trimester
Third Trimester (Week 28 - 40)

During these weeks you will be preparing for your child’s birth and your entrance into motherhood. It is normal to experience to strong emotions, including sadness. With changing hormones and a rapidly growing baby, the third trimester is often a challenging time with an increase in symptoms. These symptoms include:

At this point in your pregnancy, you may feel that your belly can grow no more! But it will, as you approach your baby’s birth. Both you and your baby will be gaining weight during the third trimester. It is important to watch both your weight and the baby’s. At birth your baby will likely weigh 6 to 9 pounds.
Third Trimester