Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test
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Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test

calendarJuly 25, 2016

All pregnancy symptoms but negative testPregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test

In rare cases, you can have pregnancy symptoms but a negative pregnancy test. The pregnancy test measures the amount of HCG in the urine. If the urine is too dilute or you don’t have a high enough HCG level, the pregnancy test can be negative but you will have pregnancy symptoms. The peak HCG levels are at weeks 8-10 of your pregnancy and then they decline after that.

Late in pregnancy, you can be ready to deliver but will have a negative pregnancy test because the HCG levels are too low in late pregnancy. This often happens when a woman continues to get her period throughout the pregnancy so she doesn’t know that she might be pregnant. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and cramping are attributed to other things and even the weight gain is thought to be due to something else. It becomes a surprise then when she goes into labor not knowing she was pregnant the whole time.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms and Negative Pregnancy Test

In an ectopic pregnancy, the HCG levels can be very low so that, with low levels of HCG, the pregnancy test can be negative. The only symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are:

  • abdominal pain;
  • pelvic pain;
  • vaginal bleeding.

The bleeding can be very severe and an emergency surgery is necessary to remove the products of conception and repair or remove the tube. This can be very dangerous if there is an ectopic pregnancy and it is not detected with a positive pregnancy test. It is rare to have a negative blood test, even in an ectopic pregnancy. In such cases, an ultrasound may show a mass in the fallopian tubes and a blood quantitative HCG test will likely show an elevation. If the ectopic pregnancy isn’t treated early enough with methotrexate to save the tube and get rid of the pregnancy, the surgery might not be able to stop the hemorrhaging. This can be a lethal situation.

Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

The main symptoms of a tubal pregnancy are:

  • vaginal bleeding;
  • abdominal cramping;
  • pelvic cramping.

This is because the pregnancy has landed in the fallopian tube, where there isn’t any room for an expanding pregnancy. The tube stretches and causes pain. Eventually, the pregnancy grows so large that it can rupture the fallopian tube. A ruptured fallopian tube can bleed heavily, necessitating an emergency surgery.

All Pregnancy Symptoms

There are pregnancy symptoms that last throughout the pregnancy:

  • sore breasts;
  • an increased vaginal discharge;
  • missed period;
  • cramping (can occur around the time of the missed period);
  • you will have fatigue, nausea and vomiting (at around 6 weeks);
  • sometimes minimal spotting can occur.

Later on, there is an expanding belly and difficulty breathing because of the uterus interfering with breathing. There can be restless legs syndrome in the latter half of the pregnancy which can interfere with sleep. There can be puffiness of the legs and more difficulty breathing until you go into labor and finally have the Baby.

Having No Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms but negative testHaving No Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some women have no symptoms of pregnancy. They continue to have bleeding that they assume is their period and they don’t notice that they have gained weight. They write off nausea and vomiting as having the flu and don’t feel the baby move. In such cases, the woman may not even do a pregnancy test because she doesn’t believe she is pregnant. It is not until she develops severe abdominal pain that is going into labor and that makes it obvious that, not only is the woman pregnant, but she’s about to become a parent. Fortunately, situations like this are not very common.

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Pregnancy Symptoms before Positive Test

What are the pregnancy symptoms before a positive pregnancy test? These days, the pregnancy test can be positive a couple of days after implantation so that a pregnancy test will be positive even before a missed period. The ultra-sensitive pregnancy tests detect pregnancy at very low levels as long as the urine is not too dilute. This is why a first-morning urine specimen is recommended. Because the pregnancy tests are so sensitive, it is rare to have symptoms before a positive pregnancy test. If there are any symptoms at all, it is usually breast tenderness and cramping.

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