Pregnancy: Week 22

22 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve made it to week 22 — times flies, doesn’t it? When you're 22 weeks pregnant,your baby is already the size of a zucchini! By now, you’re probably feeling his acrobatics every day — just imagine those tiny arms and feet kicking around in your womb! This week, the only things growing more rapidly than his senses are your feet and belly. It’s your 5th month already — how exciting is that? You’d better get ready for some serious martial arts inside your uterus, as your baby will keep exercising his skills up until birth — and long after that!

Pregnancy Symptoms at 22 Weeks

Pregnancy Symptoms at 22 WeeksPregnancy Symptoms at 22 Weeks

What to Expect:

What to expect at 22 weeks pregnant? Well, week 22 marks some important changes for your little one, and some not-so-good symptoms for you.

  • Puffy ankles and swollen feet tends to be very common during this week. If this is your case, make sure to wear supportive garments and comfy shoes to minimize the discomfort.
  • Your eyes are becoming drier as a result of hormones, so it’s a good idea to talk to your optician and ditch the lenses in favor of glasses for a while — they’re more comfortable to wear!
  • Varicose and spider veins are very common at this stage of pregnancy. They appear as a result of your increased blood volume and decreased blood flow from the legs to the pelvis. While this will help support your growing baby, it will, unfortunately, have a bad impact on your legs — varicose veins. Exercise daily and wear supportive hose garments to promote increased blood flow from your legs to the pelvis area, and prevent this side effect.
  • You will probably experience increased vaginal discharge as well. As bothersome as it might be, vaginal discharge helps keep infections at bay. Stock up on sanitary pads and loose cotton undies — they’re must-haves in your arsenal during pregnancy!

Your Baby at 22 Weeks

How big is a baby at 22 weeks? This week, your baby’s brain has entered a phase of rapid growth. His lips, eyebrows, and eyelids are becoming more distinct during week 22, and he’s even developing little teeth buds beneath his gums. Although his eyes have formed by now, his irises still lack pigment — and they’ll start to color soon. Her fingernails are almost fully formed, and her organs are now becoming more functional and specialized. He even has a distinct pair of lips — he looks so much like a mini human right now.

22 weeks pregnant

If you could take a peek inside your womb, you’d see that your baby’s skin is still covered with lanugo and a white, gooey substance called vernix caseosa. Your tiny human is also making more sense of the world as fetal developing the sense of touch. At this point, babies are often spotted holding grip of the umbilical cord since there’s nothing else to grab in your uterus. In fact, there’s a small chance that you can catch a glimpse of that during your ultrasound! Did you know that babies can hear their mommies’ voice, their gurgling stomach, and also their heartbeat? You can talk or sing to him, or even play some music — he’ll definitely love the sound!

Ultrasound Images of 22 Week Pregnancy

22 weeks pregnant ultrasound photos
Baby at 22 weeks pregnancy ultrasound image
22 weeks pregnant fetus

Bellies at 22 Weeks

22 weeks pregnant with twins belly
22 weeks pregnant belly photo
22 weeks pregnant belly pictures
22 weeks pregnant belly

Pregnancy Tips

  • Are you wearing contact lenses? If yes, then perhaps it’s the right time to talk to your ophthalmologist about switching to glasses since they’re more comfortable to wear.
  • If you’re concerned about varicose veins, you can start wearing supportive garments that promote blood flow from the legs to the pelvis area. Daily exercise will also help, so make sure to walk or engage in mild workouts — this will also help with maintaining a relatively healthy body weight.
  • Don’t worry if you’ve gained more pounds than you’re supposed to. Women have different growing rates, and you may be one of those who gain more weight. Talk to your doctor or midwife about it — and be sure to stay away from junk food!