Natural Ways to Induce Labor
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Natural Ways to Induce Labor

calendarJuly 21, 2016

Best Natural ways to induce labor

Normally, your pregnancy should continue 40 weeks. If your due date is approaching or has just passed but with anything happening, you might want to know which are the best ways to induce labor naturally with no medications. If you have reached Week 42 of pregnancy without giving birth, your doctor will probably advise you how to induce labor with medications in the hospital. On the other side, if your due date is close, even if it passed a few days ago, you should better think how to induce labor naturally.


This is one of the natural methods that is supposed to be effective in inducing labor. It is traditional in parts of Asia, where it has been used for centuries from the ones who are trying to find a way how to start labor. Although there are a few searches supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture as a way how to speed up giving birth, its use as an alternative to medications inducing labor is still not proven. However, acupuncture could bring significant benefit to your body, so you should try it if you are not afraid of needles.


Just like acupuncture, acupressure also could help stimulate labor. Some doctors consider that this method could start labor in some cases. It is important though to start practicing it early enough. There are many pressure points that you can treat safely, starting at Week 37. It is recommended to increase the pressure over these points as you approach your due date and during the labor itself. Before you start practicing acupressure as a method of inducing labor at home, however, you should first receive detailed instructions from a trained and experienced acupressure professional.

Never try such methods just because you have read somewhere about them without consulting someone who practices them professionally. Practicing acupressure is really useful because even if it does not jumpstart your labor going, it can still help you alleviate pain and discomfort during delivery.

Membrane Stripping

This is a method that should be done only by your doctor but it still involves no medications. The health specialist will use will use a gloved while separating the amniotic sac from the uterine wall. This could help you give birth as the procedure makes your body release more prostaglandins. Have in mind that after the membrane stripping you may experience cramps and spotting. Pay attention if the bleeding is as intensive as the one during your menstrual period. In this case, you should contact your doctor.

Having Sex

Ways to start labor

As you have probably seen in the films, having sex could help the woman give birth if labor is delayed. Actually, this method is approved by many doctors because they consider it effective. Having sex helps the body releases prostaglandins, which are able to stimulate labor. Although having sex might not seem appealing to you in the last weeks of pregnancy when you just want everything to be over successfully, this is one of the safe ways to speed up giving birth, so you should try it.

You should have in mind two things that are important if you want this method to be successful and safe:
  • First, you need to make sure your water has not broken. Consult your doctor before you decide to try anything that could induce labor.
  • Second, during the sexual act the man has to ejaculate inside the vagina. This is important because this substance contains prostaglandins which will stimulate the cervix and will possibly lead to contractions.

A study from 2006 shows that among 200 pregnant women those who had sex after Week 36 were significantly less likely to go past their due date or to require labor induction in a hospital. Still, the experts are not absolutely sure about the connection between having sex and inducing labor but still it worth’s trying it. This might appear to be the best way to end the waiting.


Low-intensive exercises such as having a walk might be helpful if you want to speed up the delivery. Walking for a long time will improve your overall tonus and will keep your muscles in a good condition. According to doctors, however, it is essential to avoid exhaustion. Walk as long as you feel alright and then have a good rest. Giving a birth is exhausting enough, so you need to preserve your strength for it. Other types of exercises, such as yoga for pregnant women might also be helpful. Have in mind, however, that nothing that makes uncomfortable could be beneficial for you and the baby.

Castor Oil

Taking a small amount of castor oil for inducing labor is a popular strategy. It is recommended to start the intake after Week 38. Again, because of the lack of direct action on the uterus, many people doubt that this method is really effective. Still, there is an indirect influence on the uterus via stimulation of the bowels, which lean on the uterus. Have in mind that castor oil could provoke intensive diarrhea and dehydration as a result.

So, stop taking it if you notice such effects and be sure to stay hydrated. This is quite important for you when you are expecting a baby. Many midwives recommend as a method what to do to induce labor taking 2 ounces of castor oil in a glass of juice or mixed with some ice cream. The oil is supposed to stimulate the smooth muscle of the bowels and then promote the release of prostaglandin. However, the side effects such as nausea and diarrhea could be disturbing, so you would better stick to spicy foods. They will probably have the same effect but without causing unpleasant symptoms.

Primrose Oil

It is also among the oils to induce labor. Evening primrose oil should be taken three times a day or rubbed directly on the cervix in order to soften it and prepare it for giving birth. Side effects are not expected but it is still recommended to consult a health specialist before using it.

Spicy foods

How to induce labor at home

It is a popular belief that spicy foods may help you give birth soon. Many doctors are skeptical, however, because there is no direct connection between the stomach and the uterus and it makes no sense that spicy foods could help you reduce the waiting. Still, there is probably a reason why there is such a belief, so you can try having a spicy meal, especially if you like such foods.


Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum) and black cohosh (Cimicifuga) can also be used to induce labor. However, you should first consult your doctor because studies suggest that blue cohosh could cause dangerous side effects. The problem is that the cohosh contains plant-based chemicals that may act like estrogen in the body and cause problems to pregnant women.

Raspberry Tea

Taking it weeks before your due date is supposed to tone the uterus. However, there are no studies proving its effect on inducing labor. Still, if you like its taste, there is no danger to drinking it, so you may give it a try to help you give birth soon.

Nipple stimulation

This is supposed to be one of the most effective tricks to provoke labor. Breast stimulation stimulates the pituitary gland to release the contraction-inducing hormone oxytocin. Have in mind that the result of this method depends on its duration. So, if you hope that a 5-minute massage of your nipples will help you, this will not happen. You should spend at least one hour a day in stimulating your nipples if you hope that this might induce labor.

Consult Your Doctor

If you are already 40 weeks pregnant, or have just passed your due date, you are probably looking for tips how you can speed up giving birth and seeing you baby after so many months of waiting. Consult your doctor what natural method could be both effective and safe for you. And do not forget to pay attention to your body and the signs of labor which will probably appear soon. If anything bothers you, talk to your health specialist. It is important you to be relaxed and under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Inducing Labor in the Hospital

If you have passed your due date and more waiting could be dangerous for you and the baby, your doctor or midwife will probably recommend inducing labor in the hospital under the supervision of an experienced professional. Many specialists agree that if you are already in week 42 of pregnancy, there is no more time to wait and labor should be induced immediately.

No matter what natural method of inducing labor you will choose, do not forget to consult your doctor and keep the specialist informed about you condition. This will help you deliver a healthy baby. If any problems appear, the doctor will be able to react on time. Stay patient and try to preserve your energy for the important moment which is coming.

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