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Zoe is very ancient and quite rear name, especially nowadays, when people don't appreciate and value old principles and believes. Name Zoe came from Latin language, which is apparently a dead one, and it is automatically means that this name has a great history. In ancient times this name was mainly used in old Greece and Italy. Today, with a unlimited possibilities of travelling, you are able to meet this name almost in every corner of our modern world. Name Zoe also has its similar names, which are used in other languages. For example in German language there is another variation of this name - Zoë. This name also a has a literal meaning, from Latin language it is translated as 'life'. It means that people with this name do really appreciate very second of their life, and want to spend every day as a last one in the whole life. Due to such interests, Zoe could be a great partner and friend. They always looking for new adventures and interesting places to visit. Having such a friends is a great pleasure, because you will never be bored and depressed. Despite the fact that people with name Zoe are extremely friendly and have only positive emotions, they are still ordinary people. They also have the same feeling and worries. You have to be a strong backbone of these relationships in order to keep interest to your side from Zoe. Treat Zoe in right way, and you will get everything you want from these people.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 45 %
Modern 55 %
Mature 21 %
Youthful 79 %
Formal 34 %
Informal 66 %
Upperclass 60 %
Common 40 %
Urban 42 %
Natural 58 %
Wholesome 67 %
Devious 33 %
Strong 59 %
Delicate 41 %
Refined 70 %
Rough 30 %
Strange 75 %
Boring 25 %
Simple 65 %
Complex 35 %
Serious 46 %
Comedic 54 %
Nerdy 56 %
Unintellectual 44 %
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