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Name Ziva originally came from Hebrew culture. Unfortunately, the popularity of this name was dramatically decreased in past few years, but still you may find a lot of people with this name on the territory of United States of America and Eastern countries. Of course, because of a long and interesting history of origin, this name got a meaning "brilliance, brightness". At the beginning of a new Era, only gorgeous and adorable women were able to have this name. Of course, nowadays, it doesn't really matter how you look like, and from what family you are. But still, this name have a special energy, which gives its owner extra charge of energy, motivation and self confidence. Usually, in case if you meet a person with this name, you may see that she is really beautiful. They always care about themselves, buy expensive clothing and jewelry, use a good perfumes and of course a bright make up. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong with this people, or they act in bad way. Of course no! But for some people, who prefer to have quite and calm way of life, the way how Ziva life could bring a lot of problems and discomfort. Talking about the family life, Ziva could be a good mother. Especially, if there is a daughter in the family. The knows how to make a small princess of her, and make look her gorgeous even in yearly years of her life. Also, sometimes these people could be lazy, which could bring a lot of difficulties and life problems. Keep it in mind!
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 1 %
Feminine 99 %
Classic 35 %
Modern 65 %
Mature 60 %
Youthful 40 %
Formal 38 %
Informal 62 %
Upperclass 48 %
Common 52 %
Urban 30 %
Natural 70 %
Wholesome 55 %
Devious 45 %
Strong 79 %
Delicate 21 %
Refined 59 %
Rough 41 %
Strange 79 %
Boring 21 %
Simple 50 %
Complex 50 %
Serious 71 %
Comedic 29 %
Nerdy 59 %
Unintellectual 41 %
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