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Name Zander is quite a modern name, which is used only locally, in certain amount of countries. First of all, you should know, that this name is a Diminutive of name Alexander. Name Zander has the same meaning as Alexander does - "defending men". It means that people with name Zander a mentally and of course physically strong, has their own prinicpals and believes. It is almost impossible to persuade these people, change their mind and ideas. That is why, people with name Zander encourage and impress surrounding people, which are in close contact with them for a long time. Zander could easily make new friends due to their great ability to find common language and keep the interest to conversation. These people are smart enough, and could easily to have a good first impression on surrounding people. Usually, people with name Zander are also good father, and place family as their main aim and live goal among all other goals. Unfortunately, there are not so many people with name Zander, and as it was mentioned before, this name is used locally. For example, all around the world, there are only a few countries, where this name in a high demand. Usually these counties are closely connected with religion and Eastern part of the world. Zander is also could be considered as a protector of his friends, relatives and of course his loved family.Family for Zander is quite important, but according to his strict character, sometimes it could be difficult to find a proper couple for the rest of his life.
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Good Name 68 %
Bad Name 32 %
Masculine 96 %
Feminine 4 %
Classic 20 %
Modern 80 %
Mature 27 %
Youthful 73 %
Formal 25 %
Informal 75 %
Upperclass 48 %
Common 52 %
Urban 66 %
Natural 34 %
Wholesome 38 %
Devious 62 %
Strong 87 %
Delicate 13 %
Refined 43 %
Rough 57 %
Strange 77 %
Boring 23 %
Simple 42 %
Complex 58 %
Serious 53 %
Comedic 47 %
Nerdy 57 %
Unintellectual 43 %
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