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Name Vivian originally came from Latin language. This name could be used as for boy and for girls. From Latin language this name is translated as "life'. People with this name are very soft and kind. They consider nature and humans as one inevitable part of our universe. They have their own principles and ideologies, which are always followed and fulfilled by them during their life. These people are always welcome for new trips and adventures. Usually, they don't spend too much time in one place, and change it after some time, or when they get bored. People with this name like to travel and explore new places and cultures, meet new people and religious. Vivians have a peaceful worldview and they always prefer to solve issues in verbal form, without violence. Despite the fact, that all this could sound weird and like a hippy style, people with name Vivian are always honest and good people in general meaning of this word. It is a great pleasure to deal with them. These people are reliable and fulfill their promises. Nevertheless, male and female variation of this name has absolutely different character. For example, man with name Vivian is similar to hippy, with long hair and special worldview. At the same time, woman with this name is similar to man, but it has a smaller influence on life in general. Vivians usually don't eat meat and sometimes even fish. The main food products are vegetable, beans and fruits.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 18 %
Feminine 82 %
Classic 77 %
Modern 23 %
Mature 56 %
Youthful 44 %
Formal 76 %
Informal 24 %
Upperclass 78 %
Common 22 %
Urban 47 %
Natural 53 %
Wholesome 66 %
Devious 34 %
Strong 62 %
Delicate 38 %
Refined 81 %
Rough 19 %
Strange 71 %
Boring 29 %
Simple 35 %
Complex 65 %
Serious 65 %
Comedic 35 %
Nerdy 64 %
Unintellectual 36 %
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