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Name Sophia originally came from ancient Greece. This name was widely used to name noble and famous people of that time. Some manuscripts were found, where Sophia was a name of an ancient Greek God of wisdom. Apparently, from Latin language name Sophia is translated as a "smart and wisdom". Nowadays, this name is widely used all over the world in different countries. This name especially popular in European region rather than English speaking countries. People with this name are extremely smart and clever. They will never do spontaneous decisions and actions. Everything should be planned and done in right way. Sophia do not like to postpone thing for the nearest future. If their some problem or issue - it should be solved immediately, with out any silly decisions and excuses. Despite the fact that Sophia is very smart person with huge potential, sometimes all this wisdom could bring a lot of troubles and difficulties to their live. It is a well-know fact, when you overwork and think too much. That is exactly what is happening to Sophia almost every day. In this case you have to be ready for unexpected situation, which could involve anger and wraith. You should never take it too personal. You should create and atmosphere, in which Sophia will feel relaxed and blessed, in order to avoid such situation. Generally speaking, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages with Sophia's character. Mainly, good and positive emotions appear while dealing with such smart and nice person.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 80 %
Modern 20 %
Mature 56 %
Youthful 44 %
Formal 75 %
Informal 25 %
Upperclass 71 %
Common 29 %
Urban 35 %
Natural 65 %
Wholesome 74 %
Devious 26 %
Strong 47 %
Delicate 53 %
Refined 80 %
Rough 20 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 57 %
Complex 43 %
Serious 68 %
Comedic 32 %
Nerdy 62 %
Unintellectual 38 %
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