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  • The name Sebastian is a baby boy name.
  • Origin: Greek Baby Name Greek flag
  • Meaning: Person from ancient city of Sebasta
  • Pronounced: ze-BAHS-tee-ahn (German), sə-BAS-chən (English),
  • 1 votes average 5 out of 5

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iconInfo about the name SEBASTIAN:

Name Sebastian is one of the most beautiful and adorable mane names, which originally came from Greek or Latin language. The problem is that there are two possible variants, from which language and country this name came from. The first part of historians believe that it is a Greek name, because a lot of manuscripts were found where this name was often mentioned. The second part believes that it is a pure Latin names, because from Latin language it is translated as "person from ancient city of Sebasta". Still, there is no certain decision about the origin of this name. Nevertheless, this name is widely used all around European countries. It is also possible to meet people with this name on the territory of English speaking countries. People with this name don't have special abilities or character. They used to be considers as a grey and routine part of this world. The only thing that highlights it is name itself. It is very beautiful and was ranked as top 50 beautiful names from all over the world. People with this name are super kind and polite, they will never insult you on purpose or disappoint you. At the same time i can't say that this people have extraordinary abilities and could be highlighter among all people and names. Also, it is extremely easy to make Sebastian depressed. If you have a friends with this name, be ready to help and treat him during such periods. For Sebastian it is very important to feel a support from other people, otherwise it will negatively effect on him and his mood.
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iconRatings Sebastian:
Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 97 %
Feminine 3 %
Classic 80 %
Modern 20 %
Mature 67 %
Youthful 33 %
Formal 80 %
Informal 20 %
Upperclass 79 %
Common 21 %
Urban 48 %
Natural 52 %
Wholesome 67 %
Devious 33 %
Strong 76 %
Delicate 24 %
Refined 78 %
Rough 22 %
Strange 71 %
Boring 29 %
Simple 23 %
Complex 77 %
Serious 72 %
Comedic 28 %
Nerdy 68 %
Unintellectual 32 %
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