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iconInfo about the name SARAH:

Name Sarah is a female name, which originally came from Jewish culture. Some scientists and historians have another point of view to the origin of this name. They believe that this name came from southern part of modern Europe, from countries which today are known as Italy, Spain and Portugal. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prove and provide certain clues of this fact. Sarah is extremely popular name among female part of the world. It is used mainly in English and German languages. Despite the fact of its mystery origin, name is used in all countries, where Latin alphabet is used. That is why, theory about Jewish origin is uncertain and under doubts of linguists. From Latin language name Sarah is translated as princess. And it is a coincident, according to ancient manuscripts, only royal and noble ladies were able to have this name at that time. So, it means that today you have a part of wealth and royalty even after centuries. People with this name fully corresponds to the name's meaning. These people are very smart and calm, they are polite and truthful. They always appreciate honestly and good attitude towards them. It is very simple to become friends with Sarah, but at the same time extremely difficult to surprise them. Sarah is a great friends, especially for the male part of population. They found it more attractive and interesting to spend more time with man rather than with woman. That is why, if you are a man, and you have a friend with name Sarah, you have to appreciate it.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 6 %
Feminine 94 %
Classic 71 %
Modern 29 %
Mature 52 %
Youthful 48 %
Formal 61 %
Informal 39 %
Upperclass 50 %
Common 50 %
Urban 22 %
Natural 78 %
Wholesome 75 %
Devious 25 %
Strong 50 %
Delicate 50 %
Refined 75 %
Rough 25 %
Strange 47 %
Boring 53 %
Simple 58 %
Complex 42 %
Serious 60 %
Comedic 40 %
Nerdy 56 %
Unintellectual 44 %
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