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Ryker is very old and noble German name, which originally came from Latin language. The first manuscripts, where name Ryker was mentioned were found at the beginning of 12-13th century. Nowadays, it is a very rear name, which is not in high demand among new young families. Name Ryker has a direct meaning - "rich". It turns out, that this name was used by noble and wealthy families in order to highlight their status and good financial stability. An ordinary person wasn't able to have this name, unless you were a part of noble family. People with this name have a strong character abilities to be in charge for long years. Usually, these people prefer their personal career and development instead of calm family life. Ryker is a person that able to cheat on you and make you feel absolutely unnecessary in his life. It doesn't mean that all Rykers are bad and arrogant people, who don't appreciate people around them. It is just a character, which can not be changed during some short period of time. You should completely understand this person and be ready for long ignore and time without this person. Ryker prefer to be lonely, without any relationships, which could melt their heart and make them love you. Love and Ryker are completely two different and opposite words. It doesn't mean that it always like that. The worst think that could happen between you and Ryker is ignore, and you have to be ready to deal and live with it.
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Good Name 67 %
Bad Name 33 %
Masculine 98 %
Feminine 2 %
Classic 13 %
Modern 87 %
Mature 7 %
Youthful 93 %
Formal 27 %
Informal 73 %
Upperclass 47 %
Common 53 %
Urban 73 %
Natural 27 %
Wholesome 27 %
Devious 73 %
Strong 92 %
Delicate 8 %
Refined 33 %
Rough 67 %
Strange 83 %
Boring 17 %
Simple 50 %
Complex 50 %
Serious 35 %
Comedic 65 %
Nerdy 47 %
Unintellectual 53 %
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