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  • The name Penelope is a baby girl name.
  • Origin: Greek Baby Name Greek flag
  • Meaning: Weaver
  • Pronounced: Πηνελοπη (Ancient Greek) pə-NEL-ə-pee (English)
  • 1 votes average 4 out of 5

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iconInfo about the name PENELOPE:

Name Penelope is very famous due to a famous person - Penelope Cruz. It is a world famous actress, with the help of which name Penelope is so popular. Name itself has a Greece origin. The first mentions were made even in Greek mythology, far far away from nowadays. Nowadays, name Penelope has a representation of beauty and popularity. Let's be honest, when you hear name Penelope, what is the first thing and person come up? Of course Penelope Cruz and a very adorable and beautiful young lady with nice hair, beautiful face and body. It is true! Name Penelope has only one meaning - "weaver" which doesn't have any similar meaning with modern treatment. People with name Penelope are super nice and usually are gifted with good sense of humor. Despite that, Penelope are very kind and always ready to help. Always, people with this name like to be in a center of attention. Probably it is an influence of famous start Penelope Cruz. Generally speaking, Penelope is very nice person with good character, which make this person a perfect friend almost for everyone person, even with complicated character. Penelope is exactly a person who always attractable for people. That is why Penelope has a tension and desire to be loved. Taking about personal relationships between man and woman, Penelope is a great choice. They always want to provide all the best to her loved man. Penelope will never cheat on you, and will always stay one and only woman in your life.
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Good Name 72 %
Bad Name 28 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 86 %
Modern 14 %
Mature 51 %
Youthful 49 %
Formal 75 %
Informal 25 %
Upperclass 77 %
Common 23 %
Urban 34 %
Natural 66 %
Wholesome 77 %
Devious 23 %
Strong 45 %
Delicate 55 %
Refined 84 %
Rough 16 %
Strange 70 %
Boring 30 %
Simple 30 %
Complex 70 %
Serious 60 %
Comedic 40 %
Nerdy 66 %
Unintellectual 34 %
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