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Noah is a famous biblical name, which has a strong connection with religion and God. This name originally came from Hebrew language and literally translated as "rest". Name Noah has an ancient and very interesting history, which you can read in Bible. Nowadays, people don't usually take too much attention to this name's meaning, and it's connection to religion and God. People used to consider this name as an ordinary one. Generally speaking, people with name Noah has something special and what other people don't have. Usually, Noah is a quite and calm person, who always follow his own principals and believes. These people are very motivated and have strong character. It is extremely difficult, and even almost impossible to influence or effect somehow on this people. Nevertheless, these people are keen to help surrounding people and society in which they live. People with name Noah perfectly fit to a family role, because for them having a family is one of the most important things in the life. They will always place wife and children on the first place among all life's priorities. Also, people with name Noah are very nice and kind. It is almost impossible to argue with them or have a bad attitude toward them. People with name Noah always trying to solve all issues, problems and misunderstanding in a peaceful, verbal manner. They try to avoid yelling and cruelty. They believe that it won't change a situation and extra aggression is not necessary.
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