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  • The name Nicholas is a baby boy name.
  • Origin: Greek Baby Name Greek flag
  • Meaning: People of victory
  • Pronounced: NIK-ə-ləs (English), nee-ko-LAH (French)
  • 2 votes average 4.5 out of 5

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iconInfo about the name NICHOLAS:

Name Nicholas is also one of the most famous and noble names of ancient times. According to historians and linguists believe, this name originally came from ancient Greece, where this name was widely used during a long period of time. In that time, name Nicholas had a special meaning, and literally translated a " person who always wins or a winner". Only wealthy and noble families at that time had a right to name their sons and daughters with this name. The reason is why, because this name was associated with luck and winning, and it was unacceptable to have this name and live in poor family. Of course, nowadays, when we have a freedom of choice there are no restrictions and rules which may forbid you to have this name. As it was already mentioned before, people with this name have a special tendency to be always in charge and to win. Of course, it may sound weird and stupid, but indeed, there are a lot of very famous people with this name, which means that at least self persuasion has a right to be considered as one of the factors why it is easier to become rich and famous with this name. Despite the fact that people with this name are almost always successful, they also a nice people and it is a great pleasure to have such a friend. Nicholas will always help you in financial and moral sense, and he always will be with in you tough and rough days of your life.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 95 %
Feminine 5 %
Classic 73 %
Modern 27 %
Mature 64 %
Youthful 36 %
Formal 76 %
Informal 24 %
Upperclass 69 %
Common 31 %
Urban 33 %
Natural 67 %
Wholesome 75 %
Devious 25 %
Strong 83 %
Delicate 17 %
Refined 74 %
Rough 26 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 40 %
Complex 60 %
Serious 61 %
Comedic 39 %
Nerdy 62 %
Unintellectual 38 %
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