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Name Natalie is one the most ancient and marvelous female names. This name originally came from France and was widely used in that region for a long long time. Today, with the expansion of people all over the world, name is used in every country without any exceptions. What does make this name so special and beautiful? first of all, at the beginning of 17th century this name was used in noble and rich families, and even today it has a track on the modern society. Name Natalie from French language translated as "birthday of the Lord". Women with this name are likely to be independent and self confident. Sometimes it could be a big issue between man and woman, especially at the beginning of relationships. Despite the fact that Natalie has very spontaneous and strong character, these women are also could be good friends with almost all types of people and characters. There is something special, that seduce and temp people of all nationalities and genders. Also, Natalie is a person who will be always loyal and truthful. For a vast majority of men all these characteristics are vital and obligatory to be in every women. Nevertheless, Natalie has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it is very difficult to find common language and topi to discuss, your worldview maybe absolute different. Also, there is another thing you have to know about Natalie. These people sometimes tend to make spontaneous and rashly decisions, which may have a negative influence.
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Good Name 72 %
Bad Name 28 %
Masculine 2 %
Feminine 98 %
Classic 49 %
Modern 51 %
Mature 53 %
Youthful 47 %
Formal 50 %
Informal 50 %
Upperclass 46 %
Common 54 %
Urban 32 %
Natural 68 %
Wholesome 70 %
Devious 30 %
Strong 47 %
Delicate 53 %
Refined 71 %
Rough 29 %
Strange 53 %
Boring 47 %
Simple 43 %
Complex 57 %
Serious 54 %
Comedic 46 %
Nerdy 54 %
Unintellectual 46 %
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