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Michael is a name with a great history. There are a lot of famous people who had thus name. Probably, the most famous example is Michael Jackson, who was considered as the biggest pop start of all times. Even today, there is no such a person, who would have such a huge fan base and popularity. But what does make this name so popular? According to the statistics, there are a lot of celebrities, singers, actor and just famous people who are connected with world of fashion. For example, a famous brand Michael Kors. This name is widely used in English speaking countries, and it is ranked as one of the mos popular name, and to be more precise, in Top 5. Name has a literal translation - "who is like God?". It is a translation from Jewish language. Today, there are a lot of different variations of this name. And every country and culture has its own. Also, i forgot to mention that this name is both male and female. As you may see, people with this name a like to become celebrities than any other name in the world. Is it a coincident? I don't think so. Nevertheless, Michael, as a name, has it's own special influence on the owner. People with this name a extremely artistic and just good and kind people. It is a great possibility to try yourself in the sphere of songwriting or TV, because that the play where Michael will feel the best.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 95 %
Feminine 5 %
Classic 58 %
Modern 42 %
Mature 52 %
Youthful 48 %
Formal 56 %
Informal 44 %
Upperclass 54 %
Common 46 %
Urban 32 %
Natural 68 %
Wholesome 73 %
Devious 27 %
Strong 77 %
Delicate 23 %
Refined 69 %
Rough 31 %
Strange 50 %
Boring 50 %
Simple 39 %
Complex 61 %
Serious 52 %
Comedic 48 %
Nerdy 50 %
Unintellectual 50 %
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