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Name Matthew is one of the most popular names among all English speaking countries. It is ranked as top 50 popular male name on the territory of the United States of America. Originally, this name came from Hebrew culture and afterwards, due to political reason became a popular name in English language. People with this name are used to be considered as interesting personalities. Usually, these people have a good sense of humor and understanding of people thought and believe. This person could be a perfect partner or a friend for a whole life. Also, people with name Matthew are 100% reliable and always fulfill their promises. Name Matthew became even more popular during the popular american tv show "Friends", where one of the main characters Matthew Perry played his role for more than 10 years. Due to a high popularity of this tv show, name gave a huge impact and boosted the usage of this name,as well as the rest names of characters of this tv show did. Nevertheless, name Matthew is literally translated as a "gift of God". It means that you have to appreciate this person and always be ready to help and understand him in difficult life situation. People with name Matthew are tend to be depressed and disappointed more than ordinary people, which makes a friendship and relationship with this person a little bit more complicated, comparing to the rest of people. Despite the fact that Matthew could be in a wrong mood, it is a great pleasure and honor to have such a good friend!
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 93 %
Feminine 7 %
Classic 71 %
Modern 29 %
Mature 59 %
Youthful 41 %
Formal 68 %
Informal 32 %
Upperclass 48 %
Common 52 %
Urban 34 %
Natural 66 %
Wholesome 70 %
Devious 30 %
Strong 77 %
Delicate 23 %
Refined 63 %
Rough 37 %
Strange 57 %
Boring 43 %
Simple 61 %
Complex 39 %
Serious 56 %
Comedic 44 %
Nerdy 58 %
Unintellectual 42 %
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