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iconInfo about the name MARY:

Name Mary is one of the most fabulous and beautiful female names on the planet. There are also a lot of different variations of this name, and every country and language has its own variant. Originally, this name came from Jewish culture and translated as bitter. This meaning perfectly represents the meaning and character of people with name Mary. These people couldn't be considered as the most reliable and truthful people. They always work in their own interests and it is extremely hard to fin common language and topics to discuss. Sometime Mary can think that she is above all of you, and she is way better in every possible field. This arrogant character might be an issue between different people, especially when we are talking about long term relationships between Mary and a man. This type of person does not fit everybody and you have to understand it. Only a miserable and small amount of people could fin something attractive in Mary's character. That's if why a lot of Marys are still single and looking for a partner. According a statistics, every third Mary is single, and every fifth have never had a serious relationships which lasted longer that 1 year. So, take it into account when you want to make up with Mary. Despite this fact, Mary is a good and lovely person. They always want to bring all the best to their loved people like family members and close friends, even though they are arrogant.
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iconRatings Mary:
Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 76 %
Modern 24 %
Mature 62 %
Youthful 38 %
Formal 63 %
Informal 37 %
Upperclass 52 %
Common 48 %
Urban 19 %
Natural 81 %
Wholesome 85 %
Devious 15 %
Strong 50 %
Delicate 50 %
Refined 82 %
Rough 18 %
Strange 44 %
Boring 56 %
Simple 57 %
Complex 43 %
Serious 67 %
Comedic 33 %
Nerdy 59 %
Unintellectual 41 %
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