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Name Maria is probably one of the oldest female name on the planet. This name has such a long and interesting history, that no other name could boast. There two main branches of thoughts, from where and when did this name come from. The first one, and probably the right one, is that name originally came from Latin language. It is translated as "wished-for child". The second version of its origin, is that is a name from Spanish language, but a vast majority of historians and scientists used to consider the first one a truthful. Nevertheless, name Maria is very popular all over the world, and used almost in every country. Every country has its own variation of this name, which is adapted to the local culture and language. Generally speaking, people with name Maria a extremely positive and nice. They always try to help people who really need it. A lot of famous people with name Maria participate in different charity events and companies. These people try to bring equality to the world. They believe that we are all the same, and must have equal rights and possibilities. Maria is also a very honest and faithful person. In case if you wife is Maria, you are extremely lucky husband. You lady will never cheat on you and you will have a happy family for long long years. Also, Maria is a very sensitive person, that is why it is prohibited to be mean and rude with this person, otherwise you will loose this special connection.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 5 %
Feminine 95 %
Classic 77 %
Modern 23 %
Mature 59 %
Youthful 41 %
Formal 69 %
Informal 31 %
Upperclass 59 %
Common 41 %
Urban 21 %
Natural 79 %
Wholesome 79 %
Devious 21 %
Strong 50 %
Delicate 50 %
Refined 78 %
Rough 22 %
Strange 44 %
Boring 56 %
Simple 59 %
Complex 41 %
Serious 67 %
Comedic 33 %
Nerdy 59 %
Unintellectual 41 %
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