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Name Maeve is full of interesting stories and is related to mythology. According to the scientists believes, name Maeve firstly appeared in Ireland and then moved further and now widespread all over the world. The second part of scientists have absolutely different and opposite thoughts about the origin of this name. It turns out, that name Maeve was a literature name, a pure fictions, which was used by novelists in ancient Ireland. Unfortunately, after hundreds years we still don't have a certain picture and thought about the origin of this name, how even spell and pronounce it correct. Nevertheless, Maeve is a female name and widely used on the territory of modern Ireland. Ireland is probably one of the most mystery modern countries due to its legends and stories from ancient times. Name itself is translated as "she who intoxicates", which has a figurative meaning. It means that a woman with this name is able to make you love her, she captures your heart and soul, an you fall in deep love with her. The first similar situation happened in Irish mythology, when a queen name Maeve used her gift to make love her. Unfortunately, it is only a myth. Nowadays, name Maeve is likely to become an ordinary name, without any mystery background. People with this name a extremely friendly and welcome to make new friends from all over the world. They a very kind and polite, it is an honor to have such a person in your own circle of friends.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 2 %
Feminine 98 %
Classic 81 %
Modern 19 %
Mature 62 %
Youthful 38 %
Formal 71 %
Informal 29 %
Upperclass 69 %
Common 31 %
Urban 23 %
Natural 77 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 65 %
Delicate 35 %
Refined 76 %
Rough 24 %
Strange 74 %
Boring 26 %
Simple 47 %
Complex 53 %
Serious 74 %
Comedic 26 %
Nerdy 62 %
Unintellectual 38 %
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