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Name Leighton is a famous and noble English name. For English speaking countries, this name is a possibility to be proud of their culture and nation. All scientists and historians are 100% sure that originally this name came exactly from English language, and no other theory is considered. Also you have to know, that this name could be used both for boys and girls. That is why it is so popular among English speaking families. Unfortunately, out the boundaries these families, name has difficulties in expansion into different languages, cultures and countries. Name has a literal meaning “meadow town”. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to determine a special features of people’s character, due to a high popularity among English families. The only thing which is confirmed is that people with this name are sensitive and polite. They are a good example of how you have to act in public places and which manners should be followed. Of course, there is nothing perfect in our world, and these people aren’t an exception. Sometimes, people with name Leighton could be angry and rude. It doesn’t mean that it happens all the time, but during such unpleasant period, they are extremely sensitive and could insult you. This is probably the only negative thing which it could happened during the relations with this person. Generally speaking, these people are one of the kindest and politest people you will ever meet in your life. Appreciate it, and don’t let this person to be disappointed in you.
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Good Name 72 %
Bad Name 28 %
Masculine 59 %
Feminine 41 %
Classic 33 %
Modern 67 %
Mature 40 %
Youthful 60 %
Formal 69 %
Informal 31 %
Upperclass 74 %
Common 26 %
Urban 59 %
Natural 41 %
Wholesome 69 %
Devious 31 %
Strong 71 %
Delicate 29 %
Refined 80 %
Rough 20 %
Strange 68 %
Boring 32 %
Simple 31 %
Complex 69 %
Serious 68 %
Comedic 32 %
Nerdy 61 %
Unintellectual 39 %
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