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Khaleesi is actually not a real name, which you may meet in your ordinary life. It is a literature name, which become famous because of probably the most popular tv show called "Game of Throne" where Khaleesi, a queen, also know as Daenerys Targaryen,also know as "Daenerys Stormborn" and "Mother of Dragons" is a main character in the whole tv show during 5 seasons. Name itself represents importance and one of the most valuable name in the whole "Game of Throne" universe. Power, mighty, strong character, fear, confidence and respect - all these words characterize and provides a pure picture of this name Khaleesi. There is also an interesting fact about this name - following the according official pronunciation guide of this famous tv show, developed by cast and crew, "khaleesi" usually is pronounced as "khal-EE-see". Nevertheless, professional and famous linguist David J. Peterson, who job and task was to develop the Dothraki language for the show "Game of Thrones", ensures that there is only one proper pronunciation of this name - "KHAH-lay-see" In a new, 6th season of this popular TV show "Game of thrones" Khaleesi shows that she is a real leader and wants to become a queen of all lands. That is a perfect representation of how strong and noble she is. She will not stop until she achieve her main goal - to become a queen. All people of southern parts of the world are ready to fight for her because she has a special ability ti persuade and encourage people.
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