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Kevin is rated as one of the most popular male name in the whole world. Starting from eastern part of world, through Europe and to America, name Kevin is widely used. It might sounds weird, but such a popular name originally came from English language. Today there are a lot of different variations of this name, which are adapted for local country and language. For example, only in English language you could easily meet such variants as: Kevyn, Cavin, Kav. Every language has its own variation. But what does make this name so popular and famous all around the world. It turns out, that from English languages this name literally translated as handsome. It means a "beautiful man". That is one of the bunch of reasons why this name is so popular among male part of the world. Also such famous people as Kevin Hart and other boost the popularity of this name. Despite the fact that Kevin has a meaning of a beautiful man, this name also has a special aura. Kevin is very amusing and funny person, with great sense of humor. It is a great pleasure to have such a friend, who always keep you smiling and mood on the highest level. It is very easy to contact and find topics to discuss with almost every Kevin. And it is true, look at the list of famous people. A vast majority of them are closely related with sphere of entertainment and TV. Honestly, i feel jealous to people who's best friend is Kevin.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 94 %
Feminine 6 %
Classic 50 %
Modern 50 %
Mature 46 %
Youthful 54 %
Formal 48 %
Informal 52 %
Upperclass 44 %
Common 56 %
Urban 38 %
Natural 62 %
Wholesome 70 %
Devious 30 %
Strong 74 %
Delicate 26 %
Refined 61 %
Rough 39 %
Strange 51 %
Boring 49 %
Simple 53 %
Complex 47 %
Serious 49 %
Comedic 51 %
Nerdy 51 %
Unintellectual 49 %
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