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Name Kale is an example of how different languages and cultures can change and transform different names from another languages. The original version of name Kale is popular English name Charles. Name Kale originally appeared at Hawaii Islands, and in a few past years dramatically get spread all over the most. Of course, I can't say that this name is extremely popular and widely used in every country, but still ,there are a lot of people outside Hawaii who like and use this name. There is also an interesting fact about name Kale. It turns out that there is no meaning or at least a translation, which could determine this name. According to recent statistics, at Hawaii Island, this name is ranked as top 50 popular male name for the last few years. Due to geographical location, name is getting more and more popular in the United States of America. As it used to be, every Hawaiian person is very nice and kind, and people with name Kale are not an exception. They are very nice, and always welcome to help people. They always keep their believes and follow their religion and inner thoughts. People who live at Hawaii always nice and this name is a perfect representation of their soul and cultural inheritance. That is why it is very important to treat and appreciate these people. There are no so many good and nice people, who are always ready to help and encourage you at difficult and complected life situation.
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Good Name 69 %
Bad Name 31 %
Masculine 79 %
Feminine 21 %
Classic 33 %
Modern 67 %
Mature 38 %
Youthful 62 %
Formal 48 %
Informal 52 %
Upperclass 52 %
Common 48 %
Urban 38 %
Natural 62 %
Wholesome 73 %
Devious 27 %
Strong 68 %
Delicate 32 %
Refined 51 %
Rough 49 %
Strange 75 %
Boring 25 %
Simple 61 %
Complex 39 %
Serious 51 %
Comedic 49 %
Nerdy 63 %
Unintellectual 37 %
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