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Name Joshua is a famous American and generally English name, which is, apparently, used in every English speaking country and region. Name Joshua is ranked as Top 30 popular make names on the territory of the United States of America. Name originally came from Jewish language and has a meaning of "God is my salvation". It means that there is a special connection between God and name Joshua. Of course, today, in modern life, people don't believe in this. People with name Joshua are extremely positive and lovely. They are so called soulmates almost for every person. They are socially opened for a new people and friends as well as new challenges and adventures. That is why, for Joshua, it is so easy to find new friends, even if he is a new in the town and it is only his first day. Also, Joshua has a good sense of humor which is actually a huge advantage during first impression. Despite the fact that Joshua a nice person, he is also a nice family man and family is one of the biggest priorities in his life. This man will always do all his best in order to feed and provide best accommodations and possibilities to his wife and children. You, as a friend or a wife has to appreciate it. It is a great honor and a pleasure to have such a person in close relation. Joshua will always help you, and give a decent life advice which may have a dramatic influence on your life.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 91 %
Feminine 9 %
Classic 56 %
Modern 44 %
Mature 54 %
Youthful 46 %
Formal 53 %
Informal 47 %
Upperclass 49 %
Common 51 %
Urban 25 %
Natural 75 %
Wholesome 72 %
Devious 28 %
Strong 79 %
Delicate 21 %
Refined 67 %
Rough 33 %
Strange 46 %
Boring 54 %
Simple 35 %
Complex 65 %
Serious 47 %
Comedic 53 %
Nerdy 46 %
Unintellectual 54 %
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