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Name John is probably the most popular and widespread name all over the world. It may sound weird, but originally this name came from Jewish language. Despite the fact of its origin, name John is ranked as the most popular name among all English speaking countries from all continents. What makes this name so special and widespread. It is a common fact, that there are a few name in every language and culture which are extremely popular and used very often. The same situation is happening around name John in the USA, UK and Australia. For example, there are another name similar to John like Smith, Jerry, Tom and etc. There is a literal meaning of this name, which is translated as a "God is gracious". As you may see, due to Jewish roots and origin there is a small connection with God and religion. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and i would say impossible to describe John's character due to high expansion and popularity of this name. Considering that there a millions of John all around the world, it is impossible to highlight some common features of character. Generally speaking, name John associated with a daily routine, and hardworking person, who spends hour working in the office. It sounds bad, but indeed, it is a great pleasure and honor to be a friend with John. This person will always be on your side and tries to help at every possible moment of your life. You have to appreciated it, even if there are a lot of Johns around you.
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Good Name 72 %
Bad Name 28 %
Masculine 94 %
Feminine 6 %
Classic 82 %
Modern 18 %
Mature 76 %
Youthful 24 %
Formal 65 %
Informal 35 %
Upperclass 46 %
Common 54 %
Urban 29 %
Natural 71 %
Wholesome 80 %
Devious 20 %
Strong 85 %
Delicate 15 %
Refined 61 %
Rough 39 %
Strange 42 %
Boring 58 %
Simple 75 %
Complex 25 %
Serious 69 %
Comedic 31 %
Nerdy 55 %
Unintellectual 45 %
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