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iconInfo about the name JESSICA:

Name Jessica is of the most popular female names on the territory of English speaking countries. Not only in English speaking countries, but all over the world. Unfortunately name Jessica doesn't have any meaning, and it makes this name unique and special among the rest. There are so many people with name Jessica all around the world. For example, in The United States of America, name Jessica was ranked as top 5 popular female names for the past few years. And the popularity of this name is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to create a certain picture, of how an ordinary Jessica looks like. Usually, people with name Jessica are quite friendly, and could easily make new friends. For this people, family and friends are the most essential things in the world. That is why it is very important to be an inevitable part of Jessica's life. When Jessica has a bad or rough days, you, as a friend, have to motivate her and encourage. Otherwise, she will spend the rest of the day laying in bed. Jessica is incredibly sensitive and it is so easily to insult and hurt her. Keep it in mind, when you discuss some personal topics. Also, Jessica really appreciate people who are close to her and of course relatives. You also have to keep in mind, that Jessica is a good mother and always do all her best in order to provide the best conditions for her family and husband.
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iconRatings Jessica:
Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 6 %
Feminine 94 %
Classic 53 %
Modern 47 %
Mature 40 %
Youthful 60 %
Formal 59 %
Informal 41 %
Upperclass 44 %
Common 56 %
Urban 28 %
Natural 72 %
Wholesome 67 %
Devious 33 %
Strong 53 %
Delicate 47 %
Refined 75 %
Rough 25 %
Strange 49 %
Boring 51 %
Simple 58 %
Complex 42 %
Serious 53 %
Comedic 47 %
Nerdy 54 %
Unintellectual 46 %
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