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iconInfo about the name JAXON:

Name Jaxon is pretty a new and modern name, which appeared in English language in a past few years. This is a new version of a worldwide popular name Jackson. Also, as an original name, name Jaxon has the same meaning and value. It literally means a son of Jack. According to the recent statistics, only on the territory of USA, name Jackson is ranked as top 10 male names. Every country in the world has at least a similar version of the name Jackson. Talking about a new version Jaxon, there is nothing new and extraordinary about this name. This name got especially popular after a brother of famous pop singer Justin Bieber was named Jaxon. This fact created a hype around the name, that is why it us getting more and more popular all around the world. Of course, there are a certain group of people who considered names like Jaxon a second sorted names, which don’t have right to exist. Nevertheless, this name has the same meaning and value in modern society and gives its owner a great power and potential for self-learning and development. Unfortunately, this name isn’t as much popular as its original version, but it is just a matter of time. According to recent researches, annually, popularity of name Jaxon was increased at least in two times. As you may see, this name is loved all around the world, and has the same charm and meaning as name Jackson, which is one of the most popular male names on the planet.
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Good Name 48 %
Bad Name 52 %
Masculine 92 %
Feminine 8 %
Classic 15 %
Modern 85 %
Mature 23 %
Youthful 77 %
Formal 22 %
Informal 78 %
Upperclass 35 %
Common 65 %
Urban 69 %
Natural 31 %
Wholesome 35 %
Devious 65 %
Strong 79 %
Delicate 21 %
Refined 30 %
Rough 70 %
Strange 65 %
Boring 35 %
Simple 56 %
Complex 44 %
Serious 35 %
Comedic 65 %
Nerdy 33 %
Unintellectual 67 %
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