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Name James is one of the most famous and widespread names in the world. There is no person in the world, which have never heard name "James". This name came from English language, and used to be considered as one of the most noble names in English language and culture. Nowadays, even beyond the territory of English speaking countries, name James is a widely used name. Also, there are a lot of different variations of this name in every language. Despite the fact that this name is extremely popular, it also has a special meaning and usage. From English language it means: "supplanter". It means that people with this name were born as a pure fighters and always achieve what they want. For example, there are a lot of famous people with this name. Starting from pop singers and actors till world famous superstars and football players. Nowadays, it is very difficult to characterize people with this name due to a high usage of this name. Surely, there are no bad things which were said about people with name James. It is a huge honor to hold this name, and continue living and creating stuff which makes our world better and a little bit more beautiful. Usually, these people have a good sense of humor, as well as a good taste. That is why a vast majority of celebrities with name James are a part of fashion or acting sphere. If you want your child to be more successful in this live, i would definitely recommend to name him James!
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 93 %
Feminine 7 %
Classic 78 %
Modern 22 %
Mature 69 %
Youthful 31 %
Formal 74 %
Informal 26 %
Upperclass 62 %
Common 38 %
Urban 32 %
Natural 68 %
Wholesome 76 %
Devious 24 %
Strong 83 %
Delicate 17 %
Refined 74 %
Rough 26 %
Strange 49 %
Boring 51 %
Simple 64 %
Complex 36 %
Serious 68 %
Comedic 32 %
Nerdy 64 %
Unintellectual 36 %
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