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Name Jacob is a male name, which is mostly used in European countries and in the United States of America. There is why this name has a limited expansion and usage in the world is that this name originally came from Jewish language. Name has a directed translation from old Jewish language, and it means "supplanter". People with name Jacob are interesting people, with wide worldview and understanding of this world. but there is one feature which makes all Jacobs are kind of super people. This is an ability to find out and figure out how to avoid or manage difficult situations and issue. There is no problem which could be solved by Jacob. These people are excellent negotiators. Person with name Jacob will always find a unique and personal way of resoling of current issue or misunderstanding. These people could be a powerful tool in sales or in marketing segment. You should always remember that Jacob has this special ability of eloquence, which is not always true. Exactly, these people will do everything in order to achieve goal and best results. That is why it is not recommended to believe every word from these people. As it was mentioned before, these people could be very helpful during important meeting and negotiations. Never underestimate the power of Jacob's manner of business strategy. But it doesn't mean that people always lie and say wrong statements. These people could be good fathers and husbands. They are ready to do everything in order to provide best conditions and possibilities for their friends and relatives. Appreciate it!
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 96 %
Feminine 4 %
Classic 54 %
Modern 46 %
Mature 51 %
Youthful 49 %
Formal 52 %
Informal 48 %
Upperclass 48 %
Common 52 %
Urban 27 %
Natural 73 %
Wholesome 71 %
Devious 29 %
Strong 76 %
Delicate 24 %
Refined 63 %
Rough 37 %
Strange 45 %
Boring 55 %
Simple 42 %
Complex 58 %
Serious 52 %
Comedic 48 %
Nerdy 53 %
Unintellectual 47 %
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