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Name was originally used in Latin as Isabel, and also Spanish and Italian version of this name Elizabeth, mostly in Mediterranean Countries, including such countries as: Italy, Spain, Portugal and even in English noble and wealthy families. This name was considered as a royal name, and was very popular among rich and wealthy families. Name represents grandeur, gentility and wealth. Nowadays, this name isn’t so popular in those countries and has its analog almost in every possible country on our planet. It was ranked the most popular and widely used name in the USA, due to Spanish and some Portuguese explorers, who brought and started expansion of this name on the territory of United States. Nowadays, Isabella is a very popular girl name, it is ranked as Number four on the charts. It is all because this name was used by in very popular TV show called Twilight, where the main actress had the same name. Due to high popularity of the Tv show, popularity of the name increased as well. Usually, people with name Isabella are very nice and kind. They always can help you in difficult life situations and that is why they could be considered as a good friends. Nowadays, Isabella is truly a worldwide and international name, which is used all over the world. Due to this fact, name Isabella has something special, which united people from all countries. It is also very easy to communicate and become real friends with Isabella. These people have a special ability to seduce people of all ages.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 74 %
Modern 26 %
Mature 46 %
Youthful 54 %
Formal 81 %
Informal 19 %
Upperclass 74 %
Common 26 %
Urban 40 %
Natural 60 %
Wholesome 77 %
Devious 23 %
Strong 42 %
Delicate 58 %
Refined 85 %
Rough 15 %
Strange 60 %
Boring 40 %
Simple 39 %
Complex 61 %
Serious 72 %
Comedic 28 %
Nerdy 64 %
Unintellectual 36 %
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