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Name Hannah is a pure Jewish name with an old history of origin. This name is a male one, and literally translated as a grace, which means that person is very attractive for surrounding people. And it is true. Unfortunately, nowadays there are not so many people with this name, especially in modern, industrial and business cities. Generally speaking, these people has a special ability to seduce and attract people. They are gifted to make other people to become their friends and good partner. This ability is extremely important during business meeting and negotiations. People with name Hannah are like to work in TV spheres or as a partners of famous people, who have a big influence and power. There is nothing more special about this people. Despite the fact that these people could easily to persuade you and seduce, there are also a bunch of good and nice qualities. For example, this people are not used to lie and cover the truth. I would even say that they are always open to the informational flow and they never cover figures and important information. It is good, but at the same time may negatively influence on them, in case if this information will get to wrong people, who have bad motive. Nevertheless, these people are extremely friendly and nice. This is a case, when a phrase "a soul of company" perfectly fits and describes people with name Hannah. That is why this people are in high demand and value nowadays.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 62 %
Modern 38 %
Mature 47 %
Youthful 53 %
Formal 48 %
Informal 52 %
Upperclass 44 %
Common 56 %
Urban 24 %
Natural 76 %
Wholesome 74 %
Devious 26 %
Strong 48 %
Delicate 52 %
Refined 73 %
Rough 27 %
Strange 47 %
Boring 53 %
Simple 56 %
Complex 44 %
Serious 53 %
Comedic 47 %
Nerdy 54 %
Unintellectual 46 %
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